Nothing Beats Celebrating Our Anniversary With A Present Made With Love.

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Hi Huneybees,

We celebrated our union on 27th Feb. I was married to this huggable darling 3 years ago, after dating for 8 years. 11 years with this guy and I'm still loving him more and more everyday, he's been there through my highs and lows, he's my buddy, my lover, my hubby!

This year, I wanted to do something special for him, instead of the usual of buying him a present. Both of us got together because of our passion for toys and recently, we have been stocking up on quite a bit of LEGO-s. 

So, I ransacked PINTEREST for some DIY anniversary ideas and I came across this self made shadow box. *Light Bulb* I'm gona make him a shadow box filled with hearts that you can shake around like snow globe with our pictures and of course, not forgetting a LEGO couple! 

This project took me 2 days to complete, coz I had to do it out of his sight and purchasing identical LEGO figures was not as simple as I thought it would be! So, wana learn how to do your own shadow box? It's very, very VERY simple!

  1. Get a box that you want to use, you can use a shoebox and wrap it paper, washi tape or paint it. I opted for a box I got from DAISO. My favourite store for my DIY needs at just SGD$2 each!
  2. On the top lid, mark a 1.5cm border all round.
  3. (This would require a bit of patience and skill) Use a penknife to cut out the middle part, leaving just the border behind. Note: to do light strokes and try not to force a cut through in one strike, you would destroy the box. Just go through the same line a couple of times and you will get a perfect line.
  4. Cut out a piece of transparent film and have it glued and taped on the internal side of the top lid. This is a cheaper and safer way of having a glass panel.
  5. After choosing and printing our picture, I have it laminated with this film wrap I got from Popular bookstore. You simply have to put the photo on one layer and then slowly stick on the adhesive side to seal in that photo.
  6. This is the fun part. Cut out little red felt hearts using a stencil I drew and cut out from a piece of cardboard. Trace them on the felt fabric, then simply cut them out.
  7. Sew 2 pieces of hearts using blanket stitch and leave 1 cm opening to stuff in the cotton filling. Use tweezers or the back of a pen, push in the cotton slowly and fill it to the thickness that you want.
  8. Continue the rest of your stitches and seal it with your love. *cheesy*
  9. Then for the finishing touch, using bluetack, gently select where you want the LEGO figures to be at, then glue them down with superglue. But I know my hubby might want to take out those figures one day, so I left them with bluetack.
  10. Drop in those little felt hearts, tape down the photo and seal the box with either super glue or mounting tape and you are done!
  11. Now, get the box shaking and it's raining with LOVE! :)

It's really something different when you make a present for someone you love, seeing the way he glowed, I knew I did it right again and nothing beats a big, fat smile and kiss from him. Hope you guys like this project and hey, you can even make these for your BBFs birthdays, for your kids to store their favourite toys and the ideas go on. It is infinite! Have fun making and do share those lovely photos if you have tried this out! :)

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