Can't Wait For "KINGDOM" To Start - Hot Bods And MMA Fights Galore ~~~

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I always thought Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was a guy's thing, but my opinion changed when my hubby and bro introduced me to it. Behind all the chunky, nicely built bodies and heavy punches with blood, there's alot of hard work and stories behind it all.

Well, "Kingdom" would be one that digs deep into the whole MMA story, following behind a family business between a former MMA champion dad - Alvey Kulina (played by Frank Grillo) and his sons - Jay Kulina (played by Jonathan Tucker), Alvey’s eldest son and Nate Kulina (played by Nick Jonas).

Alvey owns Navy St. , an MMA gym based in Venice, CA, with his girlfriend - Lisa Prince (played by Kiele Sanchez).

Cameo performance by referee Mike Beltran with Nick Jonas as Nate Kulina.
I guess the selling point of the drama would be ex-boyband member - Nick Jonas performance as Nate Kulina, an up-and-coming 155-pound fighter competing out of his father’s (Alvey Kulina) camp. It's amazing to see how much this little dude in curly hair, growing out of his singing roots and acting tough on TV screen.

Cub Swanson and Nick Jonas in fight scene.
Nick's body is definitely the talking point of the town lately with some rumours regarding the rainbow supporting community. But all I can say is that his hardwork has definitely paid off with that pelvic V bone peeking out to say hi to the audience. A well sculpted body like his doesn't just happen. It takes a whole lot of hard work in the gym and serious discipline at the dinner table (especially for him,  he's a type 1 diabetic).

During the debut screening of the first 2 episodes, we have already seen certain scenes of nudity and profanity but the most impressionistic scene has got to be the one where Nick fought with professional fighter - Cub Swanson. Being his first fight, injuries were bound to have, but it was so real, you will inevitably start rooting for Nick....

Of course, we will also be able to see other stories like the family strain between the Kulina-s, their strained relationship between a MMA proud father and a bad-seed brother, with Nate stuck in the middle.

The other budding storyline would include a potential love triangle involving a former UFC fighter - Ryan Wheeler (played by 
Matt Lauria) who has just released from prison. He was the ex lover of Lisa Prince but was also recruited under the Navy St. gym. At the end of episode 2, we were left with a cliff hanger when the trio met in the gym and Lisa having her concerns...

Though I've only watched 2 episodes but its potential is limitless. I love the The small details are what make the show for this viewer. The fighting scenes were spot on, angles and style of filming makes us feel us though we were submerged in their world.

I believe the plot has promise and can develop further with more drama with the hopes of even more fight scenes and cameo fighters. I will definitely be tuning in for more of the episodes!

"KINGDOM" premieres on RTL CBS Extreme channel on April 7 2015, Tuesday, 10pm (9pm JKT/BKK). RTL CBS Extreme is on Singtel Ch 335 and StarHub Ch 428. 

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