[Get The Look] Show Off Your Creativity With DIY Cuticle Nail Tattoo

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Hi Huneybees,

After Caviar Nails and Velvet Nails, now comes Cuticle Nail Tattoos for the latest nail trend. Though a little more subtle than Lorde's dip dyed nails that's been trending on the fashion runways, the cuticle nail tattoo trend is definitely big talking points especially when u love "talking with your hands".

Brands like Ciaté and Bourjois have already launched their nail tattoos collection but whilst it's still making its journey here to Singapore, here's my DIY way of getting your very own cuticle nail tattoo, designed by you and it will definitely be super rad! 

Thanks to @xoJahtna for this amazing idea of using the liquid bandage, here's my Singapore twist to it...

  1. After you have gotten you nails painted and decorated, (I chose the burn out gradient manicure), go ahead and pick out the eyeliner with a felt tip.
  2. Go almost close to your cuticle and start drawing your design, panning out to your fingers.
  3. Once you are happy with the design, spray on the liquid bandage. (I searched high and low for the liquid bandage that can be applied like nail polish, however only the Opsite Spray is available in the pharmacies).
  4. Once sprayed on, let the liquid dry fully without touching it.
  5. Only when it is set and dried, then you paint a topcoat over your manicured nails. 
  6. You are set to rock those parties with your Tattooed Cuticle Nail Art! Go ahead and play with different designs for each finger!

And don't forget to play with different colours to match your nail colours and give it more fun! I used a bronze coloured one as shown below, and even drew on those in trend multiple rings! It will make a nice choice for this warm weather when you hit the beach!

These cuticle nail tattoos are meant to be temporary and it lasted me around 3 days before the sides of the bandage start to fray and fade. But it will be interesting coz you can do different designs every day, to match your dressing and mood!

I got this at SGD$10.50 at Guardian Pharmacy.
The liquid bandage is in fact something you paint or spray on for wounds that plasters could not reach. It will be a great choice to have coz your skin is still able to breath under this thin protective, waterproof layer. It's very light and you don't feel anything once it is dried, and you can go about washing your hands and putting on your hand lotion like everyday!

Have fun! And share all your amazing cuticle tattooed nails with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Do follow me and subscribe to Huney'Z World for more interesting updates! :)

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