Consider Drinking Homeopathic Tea Blends For Good Health

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Hi Huneybees,

Pryce Tea, a gourmet tea brand under Lim Lam Thye, which also owns Gryphon Tea, has recently launched its latest lifestyle collection - PINK - targeting health conscious individual.

Following the success of its caffeine-free tea blends - Singapore Sling and Pandan Chiffon - from The Singapore Collection, the award-winning local brand has tenderly formulated its latest lifestyle collection that keeps its consumer covered in tandem with hectic urban lifestyle through tenderly formulated tea nourished with homeopathic ingredients!

PINK Collection by Pryce Tea. Photo credit : Pryce Tea.

The seven (7) new blends from the PINK collection - Cocoon Night, Evening Glow, Fruity Noon, Midweek Boost, Minty Night, Peppy Day, and Weekend Detox - are each specially crafted for a specific time of the day or mood.

Having sampled them, I am going for Cocoon Night and Minty Night as both are blended with decaffeinated Oolong tea leaf that I could enjoy in the evening and sleep well thereafter since both have nerves regulation properties that aid sleep.

Evening Glow is another recommendation if you enjoy a bowl of Chinese sweet soup aka Cheng Teng (清汤) as this tea blend taste not only resemble just that but the properties of Red Date and Longan within the blend will helps to regulate your Qi (气), without the guilt of sugar high.

The four caffeine-free tea blends from Pryce tea: Singapore Sling and Pandan Chiffon from the Singapore collection and Cocoon Night and Minty Night from PINK collection

I chatted with the friendly Mr. Lim Tian Peng recently at Le Jardin, the botanical café set up specially at Food & Hotel Asia 2018, trying to understand the mind behind the brain that started Pryce Tea six (6) year ago.

Mr. Lim Tian Peng, the guy behind Pryce Tea, with his latest you-tube self-thought creation - Minty Night Mojito  
Born as part of the fourth generation to one of the oldest and most established home-grown tea company, Mr. Lim Tian Peng grew up playing in the family's tea factory and gradually developed a passion for tea appreciation and has since assumed the role of championing for Chinese tea culture to raise awareness and grow market interest for the traditional art of tea appreciation while developing new tastes for the modern consumer.

Equipped with a sensitive palate and a curiosity mind, he has started experimenting different tea leaves with various ingredients to capture the sense of the places that he enjoyed travelling to. It's with this determination and exploration mindset, Pryce Tea has earned many local and international accolades for its packaging and high standard of quality and taste, such as the Great Taste Award 2014 for "Lychee Osmanthus" blend that evokes the scents of Grand Shanghai, 2015 for "Vanda Miss Joaquim" blend that embodies the grace of the majestic orchid, and 2016 for "Collyer Quay" blend that brings back the scents of Collyer Quay's early days of an important landing point for the unloading and storage of goods transported along the Singapore River.

Moving forward, Pryce Tea is planning to venture into cookies as he believed that specially blended cookies could also compliment with tea, not just coffee.

Meantime, get your dose of the latest PINK collection or other previous tea collection by Pryce Tea at fine-foods supermarkets such as Cold Storafe as well as Fairprice Finest and Fairprice Xtra island-wide today!


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