Legally Blonde - The Musical Has A Hidden Message For All Of Us!

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Hi Huneybees,

If you have enjoyed watching Legally Blonde, the 2001 Hollywood comedy movie based on a novel of the same name by Amanda Brown, you will surely enjoy the Legally Blonde - The Musical, with all its singing and dancing, on top of a romantic but equally hilarious and heart-warming story line.

From now till 20th May 2018, Legally Blonde - The Musical will be delighting theater lovers at the Mastercard Theatres in Marina Bay Sands with a New York cast of over 25 performers and two dogs, as well as an updated version with contemporary choreography, lighting, costumes, sets and exciting video elements.

Learn from Elle Woods (played by Maris McCulley) who never takes no for an answer as she worked hard to enroll into Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington (played by Mark LaDuke), after he broke up with her for not being "good enough" for him.

Follow Elle Woods' rollercoaster journey, mired by stereotyping and no faith in her by others, to becoming a great lawyer for successfully defended a exercise queen (Brooke Wyndham) in a murder trial, credit to her new-found knowledge in law, perky personality, and more importantly an integrity for keeping her promise to her client!

Cast of Legally Blonde - The Musical (L-R): Jayson Speters (as Emmett), Mychal Philips (as Paulette), Maris McCulley (as Elle), and Mark LaDuke (as Warner)

I truly enjoyed watching this musical and would recommend all Huneybees to catch it as it is not only perfect for lightening everyone's mood and bringing joy, but also comes with an invaluable hidden message: Be true to yourself!


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