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Hi Huneybees,

If you have been following my IG, you would know that I've been taking on a healthier lifestyle. I've been exercising more and have been more careful with what I eat, curbing my diet a little. I'm happy as a plus size girl, but coz my health is starting to beep red alerts, I had to make changes to my lifestyle.

The first thing I dropped was soft drinks, swapping them out for water. It was difficult to change coz I really like my sweet drinks. Luckily, I found a healthy alternative drink, that can satisfy that sweet tooth and yet healthy to intake!

Tadah! Introducing the POKKA Lifeplus drinks, available in Lemon and Orange flavours. What's good about them is that they help boost the immunity for individuals on the go. For people like me who tends to forget their supplements or simply too busy and neglect their vitamins intake, these drinks will help.

Made from real fruit juice. POKKA Lifesplus contains 1,000mg of Vitamin C (which is the recommended daily intake requirements) as well as Zinc, that everyone knows is beneficial to our immune system, cell growth, wound healing and breakdown of carbohydrates. These 2 combined will work effectively to promote body wellness.

Vitamin C plays an important role in enhancing our immune system too. It helps maintain our tissue health, promotes collagen synthesis (good skin complexion!) and iron absorption. Unhealthy lifestyles habits and stress will cause us to deplete Vitamin C faster and since our body cannot produce Vitamin C on its own, we need the external consumption to fill in the needs.

These drinks contain NO preservative & artificial colouring and are low in sugar (less than 6g/100ml). They are healthier choice certified and taste amazing with a little light citrusy feel. I will always get myself a bottle on days when I'm out and about; a chilled bottle when the weather is hot, is totally refreshing and is a perk-me-up.

The POKKA Lifeplus bottled drinks are already available at leading supermarkets and convenience stores, do give them a try and let's all be healthy together! For more information about POKKA Lifeplus, go to

The POKKA Lifeplus is also available in 300ml cans which can be purchased at hawker centres, coffeeshops and vending machines too. Cheers!


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