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Hi Huneybees,

I recently got tickets from F*** Magazine to watch Colombiana. It's a movie directed by Olivier Megaton, produced by Ariel Zeitoun, Luc Besson and written by Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen. The lead actress is Zoe Saldana and she acts alongside Jordi Molla, Lennie James, Michael Vartan and Cliff Curtis.

Zoe Saldana is no stranger to the movie scene. Some of the popular characters she played would be Anamaria in the Curse of the Black Pearl where she played as a female pirate who signed up to join Mr. Gibbs and Will Turner, for a chance to confront Jack Sparrow for stealing her ship years ago. 

She was also the character behind Na’vi Neytiri in Avatar. She played the character, CG-ed for the character and the voice behind it all. Basically lead actress for the movie. 

After the introduction to who Zoe Saldana is, let me talk about the movie. Zoe plays the character Cataleya in the Colombiana. Her family was killed right before her very eyes when she was still a child and she managed to flee to USA to find her uncle, where she grew up to be a professional killer. Her main goal was to hunt down and revenge on the mobster that murdered her parents.

Expect to see lots of action, hard chasing, super lots of gun fights and blood in the movie. One scene that I marked as signature of Luc Besson would be in the beginning when the mobster was chasing Cataleya, the young child, street after street. The guys and the little girl would jump off rooftops and sliding off floors super sleek and reminded me of Luc Besson's early film, Yamakasi. He was the one who Parkour into the light with this film and now it seems like it's a signature of his, in almost of his films.

I was very much entertained by the movie, but when it ended, it kinda occurred to me that this movie is definitely not the kind I would recommend kids to watch. What's the moral behind the movie? Revenge on whoever did bad to you? Where's the love? Where's the peace?

I know chick with mega guns are hot, but isn't it a little too violent to teach vengeance? And like Cataleya towards the end, is revenge all? What happens when revenge is exacted?

I give the movie 3.5 popcorns out of 5 as I like how the movie was executed, fighting scenes were exciting, something was happening every scene, keeping me sitting at the edge of my seat. But I gotta deduct points for the ultra violence....

Check out the official website for more photos and games http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/colombiana/site/


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