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Hi Huneybees,

To celebrate Zouk's glorious 20 years of music, dance and culture, they have collaborated with Dr. Martens' #FIRSTANDFOREVER Campaign, to create a unique project that will embody the distinct Zouk identity of "One World One Music One Tribe One Dance".

The collaboration between both brands untied mutual love for style, opened minds and pushed our boundaries with the exhibition of specially designed shoes. The photos were shot by acclaimed photographer Ivaho Harlim and the shoes was exhibited for us to bid on and the proceeds went to Zouk's adopted charity for 2011: Make-A-Wish Foundation®.

When we arrived, we were given food already! 

Hunks and Fish & Chips?! Super yummy!

Love the design of the media board!

We went in, got a table, ordered our drinks and began walking around the exhibition to check out the 'designer' Dr. Martens shoes....

They made the whole floor look like a construction site. Ingenious?

Bidding corner.
Zouk - The disco ball has always been a powerful symbol of the things we hold closer to our hearts: music, dance, style and culture. As such, we want our 1461s to resemble the motif. The shoes are furnished with mirror-like acrylic triangles, mosaic style, not unlike the Spanish mosaic pieces all over the club.
Upon viewing, the appreciators can also see themselves reflected in each piece, collectively forming an image true to our motto: "One World One Music One Tribe One Dance".

This design reminds me quite a fair bit of the Fendi logo. Hmmm....

This pair's by LEFTFOOT. A little too morbid for me. It's like wearing a grave wherever you go?

Lots of handiwork has been put into this air. The design is stitched on and I like how versatile it can be...

By Shinichi Osawa, International Guest DJ. His Dr Marts is all about music!

This pair reminds me lots of those shoes I used to draw when I was still schooling. :)

Holly, MTV VJ's design was super cute like her. With a pair of rabbits to front the shoes and you decide whether you want to connect the dots or not...

I know lots of people are saying Kuanth's (Illustrator) design is too simple, but I like the simplicity and that he used yellow against black for the contrast. Notice, he even did the shoe padding!

Alvin / :Phunk Studio said that this pair of shoes is a tribute to the Ska Band "The Specials" and inspired by the lyrics of "Skinhead MoonStomp" - 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah'!

I love this pair by Yan Da. Who says everything must be nice, sleek and beautiful? Drawing for the quote of Marilyn Monroe - "Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius. And it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring".

This pair was inspired by music coming together, but I'm a little disappointed though. Think more work could have been done to portray the music part of it...

Velvet wrapped Dr Marts. Any takers?



Woots! This one's my favourite out of the so many pairs there. But it was also one that was highly bidded for. If only Dr Marts would produce more of it...


God Save the Slut by MRB. His inspiration is drawn upon the iconic album by Jamie Reid for Sex Pistol's "God Save The Queen' album. "Redemption" and "Party Sluts" were the 2 main elements in the creation, represented by handpulled silkscreen fabrics snitched like a ransom note and a DIY Rosary.

Hmmm, Lego on shoes? Creative idea right? The team - Darker Than Wax even punched holes in the foot of the shoe. Cleverly executed...

"We. as humans, are caught up in the eternal struggle of the good versus evil, but we keep walking and pick ourselves up even after a fall."

Jasmine Tuan considers Zouk as her 2nd home and this design is inspired by her love for Zouk, the club thats ever changing these 20 years...

These boots were super eye catching, but I don't think anyone can walk in them? Guan Min says her design was influenced by the 70s, merrymaking, sparkles and height was a must during that time.

Thanks to Joey for helping me with the comparison.

Last but not least, another of my fav. I guess ladies always love bling blings. Ownmuse, wanted to exaggerate the ruggedness of a pair of Dr Marts, by adding a steel top cap, like those of a construction boots. Trust me, if construction boots looked like that, I'll be working as one already...

The party ended with a sweet thank-you-for-coming and just when I was heading to the Ladies with Joey, I bumped into Jen and Derrick!

Jen introduced us to Nat Ho who was her model for World Runway.

And we bumped into Sophie too!

Special thanks to Dr. Martens and Zouk for the wonderful goodies bag. I super duper love the toy they have inside!


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