September Babies (3) - Darren

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Hi Huneybees,

Darren's little birthday celebration was the last Birthday party I attended in September. He's a nice guy to hang around with and this day, we brought his celebration to Timbre @ Old School.

I bought myself a little present before meeting up with the guys to climb the long long stairs....

Then, we ordered food and drinks while waiting for more guests to arrive.


Their famous Smoked Duck Pizza

We had lots of fun that night, drinking booze, eating great food, and most of wonderful music from the live band and apparently Darren and Hong Wei knows them. So they stepped right up to take photos with them...

Had a little Terence moment too, since we left early yesterday...

Ordered more beers. I was super FULL that night...

Darren and Hong Wei with the live band.
Cheers to friendship!
A pic with B'dae boy before I make a move.

Timbre up on Old School is a really cool place to chill out. In fact, I like it more than the Substation branch that I used to frequent. I guess if you want a quiet night out with friends or couples to date, this would be the perfect place.


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