WORLD RUNWAY - Backstage / After Party

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Hi Huneybees,

While we were snapping photos of the fashion show at the front stage, the teams were going crazy behind at the back stage and the Organizers were very nice to share some backstage photos with us, so that we can have a little sneak peek of what goes on behind....

Love the makeup on Team UK's models. Darren call  them the "Angry Birds".

Neat right? I'm so happy to be part of this big event of the year and even more happier when we were told we could go behind the show and get to know more about the winners and judges for a media conference.

The models of Team UK was already posing by the media board when we got to backstage. Everyone pulled out their cameras and went snapping away.

This model was very nice to let me take a close up of her makeup even though she has already changed.
In comes the winning Team UK and people from the media were bombarding them with questions and we listened in.
“It was an incredible opportunity to be able to showcase UK’s style with Singapore’s fashion. We are thrilled to have won but this would not have been possible without the great support from my team and also all the other amazing people in this competition. We were very surprised that despite this being a competition, everyone was so willing to help each other. This is truly a humbling and lovely experience.” --- Simon Setter, team leader of UK
We caught Judge, Brian William Frost and we ran over for a picture.
And boy, was he sweet enough to pose some vogue photos for us to snap.
Anyone in for $100,000 next year?
It was a good eye opener me as it was definitely different from covering the usual fashion shows. I'm definitely looking forward to the next WORLD RUNWAY!

Christina aka Huney

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