WSH Nation Roadshow @ Orchard

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Hi Huneybees,

I was walking around Orchard Road and I saw these foamy balloons floating in the sky. There's smiley face and there's also stars. As I was crossing the road from Paragon to Takashimaya, I decided to go over and check it out.

This curious kitty was getting more and more excited as I drew nearer and nearer....

WSH Nation?! Wads that? I thought it stands for some charity organzation, but the "foam" machine got my attention.

Basically, how it works is that a solution is poured and the machine shown here will foam up and coz there's a board there with a shape, the foam will foam around the cut out areas.

The foam rises to a certain extend and the machine will automatically "cut" it off, allowing the 'foam balloon' to float into the sky.

It's foam......
Curious kitties like me...

So you ask, what's WSH Nation? WSH  = Work Safety and Health. Lots of you would have watched the advertisement on some employees in the office walking around office, doing their daily job with eyes closed and in the end a lady falls down, then everyone opens their eyes? That is one of their campaign and this WSH Nation is a community website where you can join to learn more about work safety.

So this day, laptops are set up in the booth and we can create our very own WSH character!

Somehow conceptualized. Not sure to have the glasses or not?

Hubby went round snapping photos, checking out their machine whilst I get my character done and printed.

I'm done!


The paper was already lined with dotted tear out, so I could easily 'build' this character without any scissors!

Do check out the website and remember "Say YES to work safety"!

For more information: 
Check out the official website -
And finally join their facebook page for more updates -


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