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*Warning: This post might have images that might cause nightmares, not for the faint-hearted.*

Hi Huneybees,

What's your plans for Halloween? I was at Sentosa for the Media Preview of Spooktacular at Sentosa. The annual thrill-event took place on 21-22 Oct and will be taking place again on 28-30 Oct.

So this faithful day, 3 daring souls - Me, Valentine and my hubby, Winston, decided to challenge our fears and take on the challenge of exploring the 6 haunted trails across Sentosa. Given the history of the place, it has already heightened the level of scariness, even before I was there! Lucky I had hubby there to "shield" me.


"Ghosts" that were lurking around while we waited to start our tour...

It is the 1st year that new locations such as the Cable Car Museum, Sentosa Nature Discovery, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom and Sentosa 4D Magix & Sentosa Cineblast are incorporated into the event. together with the outstanding team of Temasek Polytechnic interns, Sentosa has broke their own record in creating the most number of trails since the first Sentosa Spooktacular in 2009.

A little about the trails...

DEADLY LESSON - Sentosa Nature Discovery  *Watch out for 'naughty' students....*
Built on land which used to be Singapore's largest cemetery, this school is known for its frequent occurrences of disturbing events and ghostly sightings. Some have heard the hair-raising weeping of a girl from the last cubicle of the girls' toiler. Others have seen the spirits of a pair of ugly twins - said to have been bullied and killed in a prank gone wrong - lurking around the corridors seeking revenge. Enter this haunted school at your own peril, because the next heart-stopping lesson might well be your last.

THE TWISTED FANTASY - The Merlion  *It's almost like watching a horror story come alive!*
Your life is at stake when you venture into the cursed palace of the blood-thirsty Raja Bersiong. Expect the gruesome, horrifying and unthinkable at your every turn. Do not fall prey to the beckoning stories of the once virtuous midwife, Nenek Kebayan, who was stoned to death by the evil Raja. Believe it or not, the hideous characters of her dreadful tales come alive to lure you into spending an eternity with them. If you have a weak heart, this is not the place for you.

RUMAH GILA - Cable Car Museum  *I'm REALLY scared at this trail! Almost burst out in tears*
An ill-fated thunderstorm tripped the cell doors of this notorious mental institution and set Asia's most dangerous lunatics loose! Among them is Patient 66, a woman obsessed with beauty and who attackes any beautiful woman in her sight. Patient 44 dreamt of becoming a pathologist, but having failed miserably now seeks innocent victims to test his skills on. Many are curious about the terrifying screams heard coming from inside -- are you insane enough to enter and find out the truth?

I was cornered by "ghosts"!

This "ghost" is good! Scared the hell out of me!

HAUNTED INSECTARIUM - Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom *What's that buzzing sound? RUN!*
Visitors, beware of flesh-eating insects! The last curator was bitten by deadly insects and disappeared never to be heard of again. Since then, many visitors have mysteriously gone missing at night, People now believe the crazed curator is still alive and killing visitors to eat and feed to his flesh-eating insects! Watch your every step, because you might just stumble upon left-over body parts from a previous feeding frenzy.


Don't forger to pick up a souvenir....

LEGENDARY COURTS OF HELL - Images of Singapore *You sure?! You wana venture hell?!*
For every sin you have committed there is retribution waiting in the Legendary Courts of Hell. Can you bear the unimaginable, inescapable and gory tortures waiting for you behind the door of death? As the last breath of life leaves you, there's no place your soul can hide when the little minions under the command of the Grand Marshal Zhong Kui, hunt you down to bring you before King Yan Luo - the ruthless ruler of the underworld. Enter if you dare, but prepare for your final agonizing judgement.


PAPA CANNIBAL - Sentosa 4D Magix & Sentosa Cineblast *Cinemas will never be the same again!*

Allegations of missing moviegoers at this local cinema are giving its patrons the cold-sweats and shivers. It all started when the cinema owner's beautiful daughter was brutally killed by his jealous new wife. Rumour has it, the tormented father sought vengeance by butchering his bride and feasting on her bloody flesh. Now with an insatiable desire for human meat, he roams the aisles at night seeking innocent moviegoers to become his next victim. Will you last longer than the trailers?

Valentine and our guide falling into victim?
Do pick up some costumes to "scare" the "ghosts" or some souvenirs for keepsake ~

We took a little stroll around area to calm ourselves down before heading home... But seems like it didn't help much with the many skeletons hanging around ~

A big thank you to Valentine and my hubby for the company and also the friendly guides from Sentosa to show us the way... :)

BTW, do be prepared for the long queue. But I promise, the wait is worth it!

"The Sentosa Spootacular is one of our signature events created to add a thrilling experience for our guests who enjoy such genres of fun. In addition to giving them the choice of visiting three of more tails at a marginal cost difference, we also introduced the Fast Pass this year for our guests who wish to visit more trails before the end of the night"  --- Jimmy Wong, Events Director, Sentosa Leisure Group
Event Details
Dates: 21,22,28-30 October 2011
Time: 7pm - 11 pm (last admission at 10.30pm)

Ticket Prices
$39.90 (Standard ticket rate for 3 haunted trails)
$49.90 (Standard ticket rate for 4 haunted trails)
$59.90 (Standard ticket rate for 5 haunted trails)
$69.90 (Standard ticket rate for 6 haunted trails)
  • Usual island admission charges still apply
  • Event is not suitable for children aged 12 years and below
  • Guest under 15 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 21 years and above
Fast Pass
$25 ( in addition to event admission ticket)
Allows guests to skip the queue and get priority entry

For more details, check out Sentosa Spooktacular's website: www.spooktacular.com.sg and while you are at there, play the game to stand a chance to win the tickets!
Join their Facebook page and Twitter for more updates too!

We dare you to enter Sentosa's Spooktacular!


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