WORLD RUNWAY - Korean Heartthrob Se7en

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*Warning: Heavy image blog post*

Hi Huneybees,

As promised on my previous blog post on World Runway, here's the photos of Se7en that I took upclose and personal. Fans of Se7en, please take a deep breath before you scrolling on. The photos may cause your hearts racing...


Se7en wowed the crowd with his slick dance moves and cool aviator shades look.

His first song was 'Digital Bounce' and it got all the ladies (including myself) rushing down to the stage, singing, snapping pictures and bouncing to his song. They crowd almost went mad when he removed his shades.

The next song that he performed was "Come Back to Me". (Like who can bear to leave this pretty boy in the first place right?)

And when he came close, he shook the hands of the girl just 2 'blocks' down the road. It's like WTH moment man! I want a handshake too!


Song 3 was ‘La La La’ and he ended with his famous song, ‘Passion’! Climax to the max!


Ending pose and that was the end. No encore nothing, but he did expressed that he hope to come back to Singapore for a concert. I totally can't wait!

Christina aka Huney

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