GYSB - Get Your Sexy Back!

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Hi Huneybees,

Clubbing is all about having fun with your friends and enjoying the company. And when there's party, there's bound to have alcohol. It's coll if you have a drink or 2 with friends, but it's really un-glam when you start puking like the Merlion. Where's the sexiness right?

Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APB) has come up with the Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB) campaign and they are aiming at encouraging people to responsible drinking.

 APB is one of the key player in the beer industry and boasts a winning portfolio of over 40 beer brands and brand variants. Some of the brands under APB are: 
Tiger Beer, Heineken, Anchor Beer, Baron's Strong Brew, ABC Extra Stout, Bintang Beer

So, this very day, a few of us was invited to APB for a chill out session, where they introduced their latest activity in Facebook called "I'm Staying Sexy!"

Actually, it's very simple. All you have to do is to share a story of unsexy drunkness using the app, get your friends to vote for you and you stand a chance to win a mystery gift every week!

And if you wana win a trip to Hong Kong, you better be sharing those "dirty little secrets"! :)

A special thank you to APB for having me there and being such a great host. I totally enjoyed myself with the great company and drinks at the Tiger Tavern! :)

Getting introduced.

Nice environment right?

Then, the organizers explained what the app is all about and we were off to have some food and drinks and mingling....

"It's not the drinking
It's how you are drinking"

Moderation is the new sexy, so go on and get your sexy back now!

Remember, when you are at a party, cheers to great company and not to drink to end up puking and looking all unsexy. What's more, it's dangerous especially for the ladies coz you won't know what other will do to you when you are knocked out...

Visit GYSB Singapore's facebook page for more details and upate.

Christina aka Huney

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