Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party

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Hi Huneybees,

My F1 weekend ended with a super duper "HC" (High Class) event. Special thanks to Terence, Darren, Jessie and Shu Qing for having me there to party with them. And also a big thanks to Irene, Jessie's friend for the invite for my hubby so that he can join us as well.

We were each given a special pass to be scanned on that day, so that when we participate in the activities, photos will be automatically be sent into our individual Facebook account. Must say it's a very clever idea but too bad, the system became faulty after awhile....

I dolled myself up that day. As the dress code was black tie and had black eyeshadow (Jet Black Party) and a tinge of gold to line my lower water line (Words on invite was gold).

We arrived at the venue One on the Bund, Clifford Pier, and the carpet was rolled out, we entered like celebrities and took pictures in front of the media board with the Johnnie Walker Ladies.

We camwhored at the entrance for a "while" before we entered and be wow-ed by the interior decoration of the place! Super 'atas' can?

We registered ourselves and headed on inside.


Even the table we were at had the JW logo.

Then, we spotted the photo booth and the activity booth where we can have the POV of an F1 racer and experience what's it like before an F1 racer goes on to the tracks...

This is the "F1 experience" booth.


Photo Booth!

Then, we headed on to the board next to the booths and left our names there...

Spotted, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton leaving their signatures on the board too!

Yipee! Drinks time! How can you party without booze right?! And what's on the menu tonight?

Which mixer will you choose?

Well, we had the "Red Flag". It's super fruity and yummy....
And the thoughtful people of JW, even provided  bottled water for blending out the Johnnie Walker or  for the non-alcoholic drinkers.
Food in preparation.

Loving these mini macarons. Sweet and tasty, I couldn't stop eating it... :)

We were then invited to have a little Johnnie Walker tasting and learned more about the drink...

The table was set.
Everyone was seated and drinks were served.
We tried 4 drinks and each were taken differently. One is neat, the other is with ice.
And another we were told to pour a little on our palms.
And sniff it.
We had to choose which drink was the Black Label and in fact all were. Just that they all taste different at when mixed differently, even drank at different climates affect the way it tastes. So versatile! Like me trying different styles everyday! :X

Shu Qing having her drink.
We then had a picture with the Brand Ambassador of JW, before we let the guys go in and have their turn at JW tasting.

Snapped some photos before some of us went to explore the rest of the place...

Love love love the view from the outdoor balcony...

Now the climax! The clock struck 11pm and celebrities were 'flocking' in. We managed to asked a few to have photos with us. What a star studded night!

Justin Ang and Georgina Chang.
Jacqui and Young.
Vernon A.
Patricia Mok.
Divian and his gf.
And last but not least, Shan Wee.  *He's already crouching down and still standing super tall*

A big big big thank you to Johnnie Walker for such a wonderful night and I do hope to be there again next year at the Jet Black Party!


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