Ready for FrightFest @ Singapore Flyer

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Hi Huneybees,

Saw my previous ad for FrightFest @ Singapore Flyer? I was there last week for a little preview and wana share the photos with you guys... A little headstart before you head down this weekend?

That very night, I dressed up and met more bloggers there, who dressed up and hmm, some were trying hard to scare the ghosts back?

Who do you call? Ghostbusters!

I was dressed with black widow in mind and can you imagine? I did my makeup on the car ride to Singapore Flyer! Spiderwebs drawn with eyeliner and stuck my little spidey on my forehead to accompany me on the haunted tour...

We were treated to a Journey of Dreams before all the scaring begins?!

Bag check!

It's like going outerspace in here....

Heading towards the Flyer. *Love Joey's expression here*

Ever seen that much "ghosts' on a ride? :)

The capsule slowly lowered to ground level and my heart was pounding crazily, not sure what "ghost" is hanging around, waiting to 'pounce' on me....

Ready for it?

I guess I could be a part-time "ghost" there too eh?

Ok! Here's the scary part and I swear I did not manipulate the photo with any software!
See the pic above? That's like what we saw that day, but see the pic below? There's this glow above the faceless mannequin? Wonder what is that man..... :X

These 3 photos were courtesy of Singapore Flyer. We didn't get to see these "ghosts" that day. *Phew*

Ok, so all the scare is over. We got to spend some time with other bloggers and "ghosts", drinks were served to calm our nerves at the Flyer Lounge and definitely time for more photo-taking!

Check out this family of "ghosts'... Power right?

With the usual gang of blogger friends. Seems like I was the one dressed up. LOL!

Mummy and baby won first prize for being best dressed and Undead Waitress was second...

Walking amongst the "ghosts".

FrightFest was amazing. Alot of research and work has been put into this event and the elements of scariness was amazingly good. Why not consider going to Singapore Flyer for Halloween?

BTW, this was the nail art I had that day. I painted my nails black and had purple glitter pigments from M.A.C. sprinkled on and ended with Top Coat. When all's dried, I drew little silver cobwebs on random nails and there you have it!


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