Singapura, Lion City <辉煌新加坡>

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Hi Huneybees,

I was recently invited by Darren to go watch the musical, Singapura, Lion City <辉煌新加坡>. I have been seeing the advertisements on TV and was glad,  got the invitation and previewed the musical before it was premiered.

That day, not only it was the preview of the musical, it was also a celebration for the renovated Kallang Theatre. Basically the theatre looks the same, just that it has been refurbished and seats were reupholstered.

We met Stephen there...
The stage was set and the hosts were introducing.
The musical is a fusion of colours and breathtaking performances enriched with key historical events of Singapore journey re-enacted through a performance like never before with international collaborations and cutting-edge technology that promises to take you on a mind-blowing roller coaster ride through the hard and proud times of the little dot of the world. --- Excerpt from brochure 

The musical began with Sang Nila Utama's discovery of Temasek....

Water effects during a fight scene!
Singapore in the 80s.

Even vintage Mercedes was on stage!

Here'e the climax! Merlion was "dished" out, bright lights was on and all the performaers came out to take a bow.

I was very impressed by the theatrics in the beginning. Loved how they portrayed history of Singapore without much explanation, singing or conversing. But after the history parts, the rest was just dancing and acrobats. It got us laughing and chuckling, I was superbly disappointed and felt like I was watching some theatre stage performance in China. At certain parts of the show, I nearly dozed off, luckily the aim to take good photos, kept me going.

I must say good effort on their part, but it will be better if they could incorporate somethings Singaporeans could relate to. Maybe more of the local symbols - Orchard Road, how it changed over the years or even characters like Liang Po Po for that nostalgic feel?

I wouldn't say this is a highly recommended show. Even for students, I think you can learn more about the history of Singapore on textbooks ~

Signing off with a picture we took that night. Darren was the one behind this camera.
If you would like to see more photos, do check out my FB album ---


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