Kidrobot for Swatch "Colours in Living Motion" Launch Party

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Hi Huneybees,

Love the Swatch Watch invitations.

October kickstarted with me meeting another of my favourite artist Joe Ledbetter. I've been following his work since my poly days and had a chance to meet him at STGCC 2009. And I was super duper happy when I got invitations to Kidrobot for Swatch "Colours in Living Motion"  launch party. It was held at Zouk and I was there with my usual gang of bloggers.

*I know this post is pretty late, but I was waiting to gather my photos, as my camera was out of batt that night. Special thanks to Darren Ong for helping me with photography, Xavienphoto and Jen Su for the photos*

Media board at the entrance of Zouk.
Wonderful company that day...
At the Entrance of Zouk, they were playing the video for kidrobot's range of watches. I must take pic!

Cute video right? Super lots of work was put into this stop motion video. Film Makers and Animators would know what I'm talking about...

Everyone would know who is Swatch, but what about Kidrobot?

Kidrobot is the world's premier creator of limited edition art toys and apparel. They create vinyl toys like "Kozik-Smoking Rabbit", "Yummy", "Munny" and "Dunny", apparel, accessories, and other products in collaboration with many of the world's most talented artists and designers. 

And of course, this time, they have collaborated with some of the famous artists to come up with 8 different designs for Swatch watches and packaged together are the specially designed Dunny-s!

Hidden Dunny's face.
Managed to grab a pic with JLed himself before the show starts.
The host comes on stage and boy was she pink!
First game they played was a treasure hunt. In different corners of the club, they have hidden Dunny-s and the crowd went mad searching. I did too, turned my handphone's flash brightly on, combing every little nook.

In the end, it was found by others, but in our group, lucky Darren found one! He got the colourful one by TILT and not only did he walk away with vouchers, he even got to keep the DUNNY!!


Joe Ledbetter was introduced on stage.


He answered some question from the host and went on to finish up his special edition Wall Size Swatch Watch and Dunny.

Video taken by Darren Ong.

So while JLed was drawing, there was a game of recommending your friend up on stage. Someone's who good with art and colours. I was thinking, "isn't that me?". I appointed myself, raised my hands and I went on stage not knowing what the challenge was. LOL! 

On stage, I met Jen Su, the lady behind Singapore team on World Runway Premiere. Read all about it here...

We were given watch templates and we had to design them within minutes! Winner gets to walk home with a watch! I'm so into winning it!
This was my design.
Jen and her design.
Excitement grew when it was down to me and this lady.  She won , but I still had vouchers . :P
The contestants.
Friendly Jen took a picture with me. She's so colourful and vibrant, it felt like I was talking to my own reflection
When the challenge ended, JLed was also done with his drawings. Yipee!


Taking a pic of his completed work.

And instead of letting the crowd taking his photo, in turn he took ours!
Thank you Joe and Swatch for the wonderful night!
When I got home, I checked out the goodie bags. Design of the bags are so cute right?!
In the bags, there were vouchers and DUNNY-s! I got the one by Gary Baseman (another wonderful artist) and the other one by MAD, which is pretty much the pink one that got the most attention with the ladies.
I had Joe autographed on the Swatch booklet with a drawing of Rat from his Zodiac collection.

He also autographed on the back of my watch drawing....

Thank you guys for the great company that night!


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