September Babies (1) - Angie, Huney, Joey and Peishi

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Hi Huneybees,

September has come and gone in a flash (playing Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends in the background). That means, my birthday has passed too, and I'm a year older already....

My birthday falls on the 1st of Sep and so a few of us bloggers, whose birthdays also falls on Sep, decided a weekend out and spend an afternoon together.

Angie - 2nd September
Joey - 5th September
Peishi - 7th September

We first met for lunch at Liang Court's Saizeriya for some wonderful Italian / Japanese food at reasonable price. Check out what we had, I totally recommend this place for big groups to chill out and have a meal...

Afterwhich, the 4 of us walked over the Fort Canning Park, for a little camwhoring session. Being girls, we love to take photos, leave down memories of our "prettiness". LOL!



It's all about being in the nature and good company. Even though the sun was melting us, we still had lots of fun taking pictures with the beautiful flowers. We saw lots of couples and families having a picnic there. :)

Thanks to this nice gentleman for taking the group photo for us.

Then, we pondered on where to have dessert after the long walk and we decided on Marché®! And we headed off to their Vivocity branch.

My Bread and Butter Pudding.
Joey's Fruit Cake.
Peishi and Angie shared the Rosti. Yum yum!
Special thanks to Peishi for the adorable card. It's been a while I received a handwritten card. Love the feeling....
Joey also got me this Gloomy Bear HP pouch on her trip to M'sia. Cute right?
To bad Joey and I had to leave early for another event. Otherwise, we would have stayed on for more food and photos. I hope to do this soon again with the ladies.......   :)

P.S. Do you like my signature at the end? Decided it's time to revamp the way I end my posts.... Like it?


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