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Hi Huneybees,

Thanks to darling Nicholas for inviting me and my friends down to New Ubin Seafood for a food tasting session. I was totally agreeable when he asked but when I hear there will be crabs, I went berserk!

The restaurant is located at BLK 27 Sin Ming Road, next to BLK 26 (which happens to be the taller HDB building in the area) and in the middle of an industrial park. The location is a little hard to find even though I was already using my Google Map. It took me awhile to get my bearings right, but let me tell you, the food is TOTALLY worth the trouble!

Let me bring out the dishes and you will know what I mean....

First dish was: Pan Fried Baby Shrimps; Steamed Local Scallops & Poached Glass Prawns. The prawns are wild caught and the natural flavours were preserved. The scallops (a rare find) were succulent and 'swooped' it down in one bite.

These baby shrimps were so chewy and pan fried so well that one can eat even with the shells on.  I can have them like chips all night long....

The above 2 are actually 1 dish called Salted Egg Squid and Oyster. For this dish, the squid is sliced like pineapple and oysters are dipped in batter before getting tossed in rich salted egg yolk sauce.

I'm a big fan of the squids but not so much of the oysters, as I think the batter prevents the salted egg yolk sauce from seeping into the fresh oyster, making it less savoury as the squids.

The next 4 dishes are carbo heavy! Noodles and rice!!!

Boss Bee Hoon. This is not you normal Zi Char Bee Hoon! It's a special recipe created by the Boss and I love this dish! It's sweet with a hint of spiciness.

Traditional Old Punggol Style Mee Goreng. It's not spicy and I love that there are lots of fresh ingredients in it....

Hokkien Mee Special done to perfection with lots of deer fried pork bits and Koo Chye. I love the amount of sauce, noodles were very Q and do you see how generous they are with their ingredients?! 

Smoke Pork Fried Rice.

The looks of this rice might not be very appealing, but when it is dished out, the fragrance of the rice has already won me over. The rice is the restaurant's signature dish and the pork is cured and smoked by themselves. It's a taste you can never find elsewhere.

Woots! This one's something special, Shovel Nose Ray Head. I've never had it before and at first, it was weird looking to me, but why not try it right? Lady Boss, Michelle explained that this one's a rare dish as this shark is hard to find and we are only eating the cartilage of the tip of the head.

Below is how the shark looks like.

Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/twinpeaks/119339476

For this dish, we are eating the soft tissue part. It is cooked Hong Kong style and I like the juicy, jelly-like part. Feels like eating collagen!

And what happens to the meat at the bottom of the head? It is braised with bitter gourd and black beans. The meat is very soft and chewy, a little like chicken meat...

The next one is BBQ Pork Ribs and Smoke Duck.

The duck slices are cut to the right thickness and very juicy on every bite. I had a lot of this as I love the flavour and how the original flavour of the duck is kept...

See how well glazed the BBQ Pork Ribs are? I'm never a big fan of pork ribs, coz I find it so messy to eat with my hands. I still did it for this dish, but gave up after a while. I like the slight burnt smoky pork taste. Very juicy and totally recommend it for pork ribs fans out there.

Credits to: http://www.shiberty.com
German Style Crispy Pork Knuckle has super duper juicy meat on the inside and crispy skin on the outside. When I bite onto the meat, there was this crackling sound like eating chips! There's 2 types of home made sauces for the dish - Red Wine, Black Pepper and Thai Chilli. An amazing dish that would be wonderful is there was beer ~

Just a little note to the ladies who are cautious with their diet. The pork knuckle has pretty good amount of fats, so you might have to do more runs after eating it. :)

This one's another favourite of mine! 1 X 650gm US Angus Ribeye Steak is served with Idaho Potato Wedges, Caramelised Onions and mouth water beef fried rice.

The beef steak is cut into smaller bite-able size and broiled till medium rare and it's definitely the right way I love my steak. The top and bottom is nicely cooked and the middle is juicy rare, it really melts in my mouth... Serve this to me and I can eat it all by myself!

The rice is very fragrant but maybe coz I was so stuffed, I only had a bite of the nice. The way it is cooked reminds me of Claypot rice.

Next up, Singapore's top favourite, Chilli Crab. The only thing I can say is SHIOK!!!
It's spicy but I just can't stop dipping my mantou-s in the crab sauce!

Butter Cream Crab is definitely my most preferred way of having the fresh crabs in the restaurant. The sauce that consists of cream and milk is a special blend of the restaurant, which you can never find outside. It's not spicy, definitely a dish for a whole family from kids to adults to enjoy ~

Yipee! Dessert! This one's a traditional Teochew dish, Yam Paste, but they have improved it with their own recipe. One thing to note is the oil layer is removed and the yams are steamed and then mashed. It's almost like eating mashed potatos. Super refreshing! Too bad I was too full to eat anymore. I could only have one bite of it...

Add a little coconut milk to bring out the taste before you eat!
OK! Before I go let me share some photos we took that night.
A big big hug to Nicholas and Michelle for having us that night and treating us to such wonderful food!

With ever so sweet, Nicholas.
Bloggers that night and Lady Boss, Michelle standing next to me.
Yeah! Jessica was there too! She's BFF with Nicholas!
Credits: http://www.shiberty.com
Drooling yet? Be sure to bring your friends and families down for a meal there! It's best to make reservations though, as they can be very busy during dinner time, especially weekends.

Disclaimer: This food review is solely my own opinion. I'm not paid to write this blog post. 


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