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Hi Huneybees,

Japan fashion is always an eye-opener with its vibrance, latest trends and bizzare offerings. Not everyone can accept it, but Japanese fashion has its legions of worldwide fans and Singapore has its fair share of followers.

And TANGS has brought back the HARAJUKU Street Style to help us save on the air tickets and courier fees to bring back the clothings from Japan. Housing 14 of the hippest street fashion labels from the Japanese Harajuku fashion scene - Beams, Ray Beams, Ciaopanic, Coen, Crystal Ball, Drip Drops. KBF, Mystic, Ray Cassin, Rosebullet, Osewaya, Urban Research, Wego and Beauty & Youth Untied Arrows, Japan fashion fanatics are bound to be satiated.

These brands are staged at STYLESPACE ON 4, a brand-new retail concept at TANGS Orchard, Level 4, through 31 October 2011 and PlayLab at TANGS Orchard, which houses TANGS' collection of street-fashion labels, through 2 January 2012.

Harajuku Street Style is part of the Cool Japan Month, an initiative designed to cultivate Japanese cultural business in overseas markets. Organised by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan, the Cool Japan Month also aims to draw the appeal back to the country's branding earlier affected by the East Japan earthquake.

Credits: http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/blogs/going-out-by-day/cool-japan-month-kicks-off-pore-011240709.html
On 7th Oct, I was invited to the launch party and I got the chance to check out some of the clothings while enjoying the fashion show and getting to know more about the brands. It was jam packed that day and I went back to the store 3 times over the last couple of weeks to shop and also to take more photos for you guys to see...

Taking the escalator up to 4th floor.

 I attended the event dressed up with crazy bug eyes, trying to go Jap-py, but apparently not Harajuku-ly weird enough. There were others decked in lolita style dresses, crazy coloured hair etc....

Informative magazines to bring home and wonderful beer from Japan to toast with!

Bracelets to exchange for goodie bag after the event.
Great music by this DJ that night.
 Ok! Let me bring you around the shop first...


Tempted? There's so many to see, so many to buy at this Space. Take your time...

Some of the items I find it's too costly and weird why there isn't more variety in clothings? Some look like I can easily find at other levels of TANGS too. The price range is from $19 to a few hundred. So it caters to people of all walks. Students can also come grab a few items for themselves.

At the launch, there was also a fashion showcase where the audience can learn how to mix and match the clothings and look like the ladies on the streets of Harajuku. But first, let the host, Utt, itroduce the 2 guests on stage - Celebrity Blogger, Rei Shito and Street Fashion Blogger, James Bent.


Check out Rei's outfit! She even had matching socks for her suspender skirt!!!

Even NHK Kawaii TV was amongst the media
Ok! Enough of the intro. It's time for the fashion showcase and it ended with the 4 high ranking bloggers, Qiu Ting - Bong Qiu Qiu, Benjamin - Typical Ben, Xiaxue and Cheesie...

Even Jayley was there to do the fashion walk...

Nice right? I love the clothes alot, but not sure why it is not "weird". Maybe to suit the Singapore market? But nonetheless, I learned the many the ways to layer the clothings, how style oneself to look Jap, is definitely one eye opener for me ~

Next up, taking lots and lots of photos! I met lots of friends and a few celebs, how can I not take pictures with them right?

I met Jen Su again! Love her multicolour hair!!!
Check out her outfit that day. So cool right? I spotted her leggings  from far.

Issac who was with Jen and Rei Shito herself on the right.

With my idol - Elim Chew of 77th Street Inc. and her Japanese partner - Kenji Chigira, CEO of AWCG Ltd. 
*Psst, 77th Street Inc. and AWCG Ltd., a Japanese apparel company will be launching a flagship store in Singapore next May, housing these Japanese Harajuku brands! *

Cutie Utt went crazy, making funny faces when we approached him for photo-taking.
With the bloggers.

And not forgetting the Nuffnang crew...
On a side note, there's even these machine where you drop the money in, spin it and out comes surprise. Not sure what you call them....

I mentioned that I went back to Level 4 twice, coz I've been eyeing on some clothes and since I was given vouchers, might as well use it right?

I got myself this suspenders top for just $10!

Love the top to lots! I tucked it into skirt for some curves... :)


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