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Hi Huneybees,

I've always dreamed to be sitting on the front seat of a fashion walk, watching models strutting their stuffs up close and personal! And finally this day, I got the chance to do that! I went to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to attend the World Runway Premiere.

The event is organised by the wonderful people behind Tokyo Girls Collection and Asia Girls Explosion. They made their first premiere here in Singapore with rising fashion stars from 8 different countries - Brazil, France, Italy, Japan, Singapore, UK and USA; for the first-ever global fashion faceoff! It's almost like watching Project Runway live!!!


Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) show is the biggest bi-annual fashion festival in Japan. Launched in August 2005, this event combines the country’s top fashion brands with popular music acts. The TGC show has established itself as the epicenter of Japan's "kawaii," or cute culture, a culture that has gained a global following in recent years.

While models strut their cutesy, fashion-forward looks down the runway, organisers are careful to pick out pieces that are practical and affordable to the audience. Unlike most fashion shows where big brands unveil high-priced looks on the runway months before they reach retailers, outfits featured at the TGC show can be purchased immediately, for an affordable price.

Touted as a “fashion festival for Japanese real clothes”, the 11th TGC 2010 last September saw a total of 30,200 attendees.
Check out the passes....
Amazing crowd.
Beautiful stage!

Of course I muse take a pic myself! If only I could get on the runway. LOL!
Laser beams were shone.
And out came Ren Kido, singing and performing a number....
Before the challenge began, we were treated to a galore presented by our very own Singapore designer/stylist, Jen Su. And amongst the models, we spotted Nat Ho and Dawn Yeoh too!

UTT was the host for the night and he introduced the teams....
From Left: Brazil, Japan, Italy, France
From Left: Russia, USA,UK, Singapore
Round 1 was for the Street Chic Style. The contestants are to score Singapore's more fashionable streets with a budget of S$500 (per look), to create 10 runways looks each. 

Each participating country will form a team of three - fashion director, make-up artist and hair stylist. And their final runway looks will be modeled by 40 models appointed by the World Runway Committee.

First team to present was France. Their line was chic and the models did their catwalk very cheekily. I love their energy and it was a great to have them to do the opening....
AMINA ABDALA, Stylist | Leader of Team France 
KARINE FERON, Hair Designer 
VIRGINIE FERON, Make-Up Designer

The next team really caught my attention. There was so much print, accessories and details going on. Every part of the models' clothing was a look-out-for! Let's welcome Italy!

MORENA, Stylist | Leader of Team Italy
EUGENE DAVIS, Hair Stylist
DAIKINI, Make-up Artist

Inspired yet? More to come by USA. They were just as daring, just as colourful and the heels the models were in, was something I always admired. They strutted their stuff as though walking on pumps and the audience applauded for them.....

Team USA
EMI KOIZUMI, Make-up Artist


Ready for the next team? Japan! I was kinda eager to see Japan's collection. Would it be Harajuku inspired and I bet it was be colourful and full of their famous layering fashion....

TAKAFUMI KAWASAKI, Stylist | Leader of Team Japan
YUKA WASHIZU, Make-up Artist

Love their elements of Japanese inspired fabric, fans and red umbrella.
This pair of heels reminds me super lots of Lady Gaga.
Next up, was the UK team. They stood out from the rest and I'm in love with their collection! Lots of people were saying that their clothes were not practical, but their efforts was very clear, they managed to turn a normal piece of clothing into something high fashion. I'm simply in love love love love with the details!

SIMON SETTER, Hair Stylist | Leader of Team UK
BEGOÑA ALEGRIA, Make-up Artist


Nice right? UK was impressive but what about Russia? I find them very bold and skintight, nude was their theme. Some might have look at the collection from the "wrong" perspective, but  found it very intriguing. Everyone was about clothes, but what about what's underneath? This is one daring collection...

ALEXEY PANTYKIN, Stylist | Leader of Team Russia
AKI MATSUHASHI, Make-up Artist

I love they went earthly, incorporating flowers in their makeup and a bag for hat? Ingenious!

The next team is Brazil, and I'm so sorry, my cam was on low batt, I could only use what I managed to take and the rest I got from the Organizer. Note to self: Buy a camera spare batt soon!

MARCIA AMARAL, Stylist | Leader of Team Brazil
CIDA NOGIUERA, Stylist | Make-up Artist

Loving those heels!
 And last but not least, TEAM SINGAPORE! *Cheer* Singapore's collection was loud, fun, rocker chic and absolutely something for our weather here!

JEN SU, Stylist | Leader of Team Singapore
DERRICK FUN, Assistant Stylist
ANTONIO CHENG, Hair & Make-up Artist


Then, it was time for the judges to deliberate and choose 4 winning teams to enter into Round 2 of the competition. Let me introduce a little about the judges....

WORLD RUNWAY is produced by Jake F.R, Founder and Director of the Tokyo Girls Collection and Asia Girls ExplosionKnown as the "King of Runway” and an iconic figure in the Japanese fashion scene, Jake has directed over 200 fashion shows and events and co-produced with internationally-known artist, Takashi Murakami. Jake also sits on the judging panel alongside Tina Tan-Leo, President and Founder of alldressedup, The Link Group and ETRO, and Brian William Frost, Lecturer, Fashion Design Department, Raffles Design Institute.

Can you guess who are the selected 4 teams?  Stay tuned to Part 2.

For more information about World Runway, visit

Disclaimer: Photos are all copyright of Christina Chung. Photos with the watermark are all given by the Organizer.

Christina aka Huney

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