iScream with George Young - Magnolia Sherbet Roadshow

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Hi Huneybees,

After the DKNY Jeans Fashion Show, we walked over to Cineleisure to catch a glimpse of George Young (Host of Million Dollar Money Drop). Shuqing got to know about the roadshow and asked us to go check out. Why not right?

So what happened that day was that you join the queue, buy an 8-days magazine, get free goodie bag, subway coupons and magnolia sherbet ice-cream. But we were a little late, we decided to just queue to take a pic with the hunk himself.

George was very friendly, he did all that the fans requested. Signing on iPhones, dancing and posing for super duper cute photos! The fans were going ga-ga, screaming away, hugging him and trying every chance to be near him for the longest time ever.

I had a picture taken with George Young, but it's with Shuqing. Well, there was a little mistake on my side, that's why I hvn't got the photo (Dun tell you about my silly-ness). I'll post it when it's up. LOL!

We tasted these 3 flavours of Magnolia sherbet - Lychee, Mangosteen and Orange. It's super tasty and refreshing for a day under the hot sun. After "melting" from George Young, it was wonderful they gave out these sherbets to "cool" me down....


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