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“Runway shows that feature high-priced, artsy pieces are aplenty. WORLD RUNWAY aims to share with Singaporean ladies street-fashion that is practical and affordable. Some call us the “anti-fashion” show because we interpret fashion shows so differently. We feel that there is so much more than just fashion alone- it is also about the music and the love. Fashion without the music is not a show. And a show without love is a performance without soul.”  --- Jake f.R., Director for WORLD RUNWAY
After the first round of the intense competition, the judges retired to deliberate about the 4 teams to continue on to Round 2 and they had NARE, the upcoming Korean female artist, to perform a new original song for the occasion.

I recorded a video of her performance, sorry for the not-so-good quality as I was filming only on my handphone. But you can still hear her beautiful sweet voice right? Audience were mesmerized by her voice!

When the decision was made, Mr Sugar was on stage with UTT to announce it. The 4 teams that made it through were France, Japan, Singapore and UK. But there was a twist to Round 2. Instead of the usual "each showcasing" their own collection, this time round, they have to each choose a team from the eliminated team to work together with, add new styles to the second round.

Round 2 kick started with the Singapore - Brazil team. There was lots of colour splashes, sleeker looks with lots of bling! And like what Jessie described, it was the "Ge Tai" collection.

I'm in love with the Cheongsam inspired Jumpsuit. So chic, that it no more just dressed that might make one look like waitress. :)

Next up, Japan - Russia team. Like the previous collection that they showcased, the clothing had detailed fabric prints. But it was a little disappointment as the collection was more toned down, not sure is it because they were limited by the Russia's minimalist collection?

The only suit that caught my eyes would be the one below. That is the only one that was different, that was daring and totally different from their Round 1 collection.

Credits: Photo on left is from Organizer.

The 3rd team to present was the France - US team. They continued their modern chic look, every piece was definitely wearable, but I found it did not "WOW" me at all. It's almost like France's first collection and I don't see a tinge of US in there. Do you agree?

Credits: Organizer.
Credits: Organizer.
Last but not least, we have the UK - Italy team, that amazed us during Round 1 and I must say they totally nailed it! Every single piece was an art. I would call it the Rock Couture collection. So much intricate details and elements were put in. Who said leather, sequins and tulle can't be put all together?

When the models came out, I was only think Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga!! It's like they stepped right out of a fashion week rather than a competition. Everyone applaused and drooled over the collection, everyone went wild. I was so happy UK created the climax.

Then, it was time for the judges to deliberate and while waiting, we had the chance to be entertained by Korean heartthrob Se7en. (Which I will be blogging on Part 3). I guess everyone had an inkling as to who is the winner. Are you thinking the same as the judges?

“It was not easy coming to a decision to crown the winner as all eight teams had their unique interpretation of street fashion in Singapore. UK’s winning edge was really their ability to wow the audience. I was looking out for the team who can beat the budget constraints and come up with something extraordinary. And I think team UK did it." --- Jake F.R., the Director of World Runway

Mr Sugar was invited out to announce the winner....

Yes! UK won!

A total of 68 looks were created for the show, and the event saw a turnout of 4500 attendees, a hint at bigger things to come. 

Mr Sugar and the UK team was so happy, that they decided to make a new top for Mr Sugar on the spot....
More than just a fashion-music extravaganza, WORLD RUNWAY will donate half of the prize money (S$50,000) under its own FASHIONQUAKE AID to natural disaster relief activities around the world.

I hope there's more of this World Runway to come. It was exciting to be at a fashion show and there were some moments jaw dropped and my heartbeat with the contestants. :)
“Singapore has never been known for its fashion but I think WORLD RUNWAY will show the world what we are really capable of. In terms of street-wear fashion, Singapore is a hidden gem with a plethora of indie labels. It will be exciting to see what these eight countries can put together in such a short time. I am looking forward to be wow-ed by models in street fashion but runway looks.” --- Mrs Tina Tan-Leo, the President and Founder for alldressedup, The Link Group and ETRO
Disclaimer: Photo credits all thanks to the Organizer and my friend, Darren Ong.

Christina aka Huney

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