Yusuke Kamiji 上地 雄輔 brings Japan to Singapore

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Hi Huneybees,

Men's Fashion Week 2012 fused music together with fashion and on Day 3, it was Japan Night. Yusuke Kamiji 上地 雄輔, was flown in to specially perform for the night and the energetic, super genki performance brought everyone to Japan!

Yusuke Kamiji , a young baseball talent had to give up going professional after seriously injuring his elbow during practice. This mishap turned out to be a fortuitous diversion - he then set his sights on showbiz.

Yusuke debuted in this serial drama LXIXVXE on TBS in 1999 and went on to acquire experience through various roles in various TV dramas and movies. A guest appearance on the Japanese celebrity game Quiz Hexagon II turned out to be his big break as his comic talent and charisma won him many fans.

 Yusuke addressing to the audience and thanks to Yuki Cintamani, his friend was here to help translate...

 The performance ended with Yusuke dancing and drumming...

His foray into the music industry started Shuchishin, a band he was part of with two other fellow regulars of the celebrity quiz show. Since then, he has gone solo and released two albums under the mononym Yusuke. All three of the singles he released in 2009 were highly popular with 'Himawari' charting at #8.

For more photos, see my album here.


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