Paul Smith The Multi-Stripe MINI Exhibition

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Hi Huneybees,

It's 2am and I was in town with the girls, Peiyun & Valentine watching Mirror, Mirror. I didn't want to go home and since I've been dying to catch a glimpse of the Paul Smith Mini Cooper S, Valentine and me walked over to Hilton Hotel to check it out. 

The car was originally designed as part of the Great Brits minis. The 86 striped, 24 colour car appeared at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show, and inspired a run of limited edition minis. The Mini Cooper S was made famous by the movie "The Italian Job", where the actors drove the car to hide stealthily in alleys and escape chasers.

This is the Mini Cooper that's inspired and printed on many Paul Smith bags and wallets like the ones below...


The exterior of the car is painted with the signature Paul Smith Multi-Stripe. The attention to detail continues on the inside with a lime green lined boot and glove compartment and instrument gauges made by a company called Smith, changed the engraving to read ‘Paul Smith’.

The headights are aready extinct! I'm looking at a piece of history!


Mini Paul Smith engine, with signature green-painted rocker cover. Credits to Wikipedia.




The mini has been on many adventures including a tour of the US traveling to San Francisco, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon and finally ending up in Los Angeles. The car also attended the 10th Anniversary for the opening of the Dubai store in the Middle East in 2011. And in 2012, the Paul Smith Limited Edition MINI embarks on its first tour of Asia.

All Paul Smith and Mini Cooper fanatics, come on down to Hilton Hotel to catch a glimpse of  the Paul Smith Mini Cooper!


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