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Hi Huneybees,

On Friday, I had the honours to visit Savour Singapore 2012 as a VIP! I went with Michelle, Peiyun and Jeremy and we had tons of fun! So much to see, so much to experience and definitely, so much to eat!

You must buy Savour Dollars to spend in Savour. No cash is accepted.

  • Shop for hundreds of exciting products that are not readily available in Singapore
  • FREE celebrity chef masterclasses and cooking demonstrations.
  • FREE wine tastings, activities and culinary workshops from bread making to latte art
  • 15 award-winning chefs, including chefs from the world’s top 100 restaurants and Michelin-star recipients
  • 50 signature dishes to sample from S$6 – S$21
The SAVOUR concept is a first of its kind in Singapore, with a philosophy to unite the finest food and drink with a plethora of expert master classes, live demonstrations, fun workshops and culinary shopping, in an event that is accessible to all. Within one purpose-built venue, one can find an alfresco Gourmet Village teeming with award-winning restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs, a bespoke indoor Gourmet Auditorium complete with a state-of-the-art kitchen where culinary master classes are held, and a Gourmet Market that boasts an international showcase of artisan food and drink exhibitors. 
Enjoying a little canape at the VIP Pavilion before heading out.
There’s something for everyone at Savour so make it a great day out with friends and family!
First Stop: Shiraz, for some Chicken Wrap. 

Chicken Swarma
 Then, on Level 2, is the Gourmet Market and Wine Tasting Rooms. We did a little marketing in Three Sixty and here's some intro...

Woots! 6 oysters for just $19.90!

Look Hubby! WINE!!!

Live band for entertainment while you shop.


Level 3 was a exchange or introductory place. We get to see new ideas, new food or innovative ideas.

Gula Melaka Macarons anyone?

Yipee! After shopping, it was time for food!

These Caneles from Gunther's are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Champagne anyone?

Woohoo! St. Pierre! We get to taste his food!

Garibaldi is another I'm was looking forward to eat.

Yipee! A pic with Chef Emmanuel from Saint Pierre (Left) and Chef Roberto from Garibaldi (Right).
Emmaunuel really had stuffs up his sleeves! He pulled out a pair of chopsticks right from his sleeve's pocket. MAGIC!

Next up, introduction to what we had for that night. We bought several lots to share.

Frangrant Steamed Yellow Pumpkin Rice from Forest (Chef Sam Leong)

Menage A Trois (Saint Pierre).
Very light and refreshing. Great as appetizer.
Beef Rossini (Saint Pierre)
More for beef lovers. I still prefer my beef cooked like steak.
Agneau En Croute (Saint Pierre)
 The lamb meat is so soft, tender and melts in your mouth.
Fettucine (Garibaldi)
The pasta is cooked right to the right Q-ness and duck meat with pasta is something I've not tried before. Very yummy.
My favourite dessert, Tiramisu (Garibaldi)! So sweet!

I'm not very sure where these 3 dishes are from, but they taste wonderful especially the seafood on below. The "soup" is a little tangy and sour, very appetizing!

Angel Hair Pasta with Caviar. Need I say more?
Bought 2 cakes from the Big O booth, but.....
They were destroyed due to my carrying of many things. Sob Sob.
The cakes still taste wonderful and although it was already 4am, hubby and I finished them both!
Truffle Heart shape cake and Spike D - Chocolate Dome with Durian filling...
Thank you Savour! We had thousand and one fun~
Can't wait for Savour 2013....

Today is the last day of Savour. Would you guys be going? Do share your experience! 

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