Yuna Ito running away from wedding proposal?!

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Hi Huneybees,

Yuna Ito was the climax of the Japanese performers for Day 3 of Men's Fashion Week 2012. Her power voice won her many fans and all exclaimed when she appeared in the stunning, sparkly white gown. I bet lots of guys there were dying to run up and marry her!

Yuna Ito is of Japanese-Korean descent and was born in Los Angeles and raised in Hawaii. Belting out Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson songs since young, her love for music and potential stardom was always apparent to those around her.

Ito got her big break in early 2005 when she auditioned for the role of Reira, a vocalist in the band TRAPNEST that was to be part of the film adaptation of Ai Yazawa's popular manga Nana. Her debut single, 'Endless Story' went on to become a big hit on the Japanese charts with early fans marvelling at her vocal range.

Yuna trying to promnouce Frank's surname.
OMG! Frank got to kiss Yuna's hands!

 Flowers for the pretty lady...

Since then Ito has gone on to release a string of hits and collaborated with numerous high profile producers in the music industry. She has also worked with her long-time idol Celine Dion, who approached her to do a duet on the song 'A World To Believe In' after hearing Ito's rendition.

Who agrees to have Utt and Yuna Ito walk down the runway hand in hand?

Don't you think they look chubby together?
When Utt proposed Yuna ran away!

More photos of the gorgeous Yuna Ito can be found here.


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