[Giveaway Closed] Reveal the LOVE inside with CORNETTO ENIGMA

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Hi Huneybees,

Remember my Valentines' Day post ? I was in town for the Cornetto roadshow and I even posed with the mascot - Cornetto Enigma Bear?

Well, here's more of the softie on the inside...

Cornetto Enigma Nociola A smooth gianduja sauce, filled with delicious chocolate and crunchy nut pieces enfolded by premium hazelnut and chocolate ice cream.
Cornetto Enigma Raspvan An enchanting, tangy raspberry sauce, filled with pieces of dark indulgent chocolate, enfolded by the finest vanilla and raspberry ice cream.

Ever had that crush, that love at first sight, that you always wanted to approach? Seeing that special someone day in day out, and you find yourself falling in love?

Or it just feels so horrible seeing your friend pining over that special someone and you wana do something to bring them together?

Well, Cornetto Enigma's here to save the day! Reveal the love inside with the new Cornetto Love Machine.

1. Go to www.facebook.com/CornettoSingapore and click the Cornetto Love Machine tab.

2. Click on the balloon that says "Hook Your Friend Up".

3. Type in the names of your 2 friends that you wana hook up and click SUBMIT.

4. Then, get the rest of your friends to vote for the couple.

5. Voila! Get as many friends as possible to vote!

If the couple is the Top Voted Couple, you as the matchmaker wins as iPad and the couple gets a date out! Cornetto will sit down with you and discuss how to bring the couple together and they will make it happen! What a fun way to play Cupid right?!

So here's the fun part! I'll be giving away these adorable bears with a light-up heart!

These amazing little bears double as a bag charm as well as a recycleable bag when you unzip its back!

So, how to win them? First 8 people to share their story of their crush will receive a bear, courtesy of Cornetto. Tell me, what makes you like him/her? Did you or friends approach him/her? What happened in the end? Share some interesting ones and you will be a lucky one too!

Sorry, giveaway is currently for the Singaporean readers. Will definitely do an international one soon.


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