Fashion Pop-Out Bazaar

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Hi Huneybees,

Last weekend, I was shopping on Orchard Road and spotted some booths right outside Mandarin Gallery. It was the Fashion Pop-Out Bazaar that was held in conjunction with Fashion Steps Out. There were some exclusive stuffs, photo opportunities and even up and coming brands....

The Citibank Promotion.
First store: Topshop Print Space

Topshop offered a free custom stamping of your tote bag when you purchase them.

I went mad at Miss Selfridge's Candy Store. So colourful and cheerful, makes you wana buy everything.

 And what's best is that they let you keep a candylicious photo moment to bring home too.

Printers and Cameras sponsored by Sony.
Diva Accessories gave their customers a photo moment with the Garden Pop-Up when they purchase an accessory with them.

The next is a upcoming brand of bath products, lotions, shower gels, scrubs, etc. It's called Laline and it's from Isreal. The wonderful group behind Topshop will be bringing it in and will be launching very soon!


The Princess collection
The new season collection. (Limited edition)
Even the wrapper is so adorable! 
Lastly, is the booth from MAD, the art gallery. They have many art pieces as well as t-shirts and postcards being sold.

Choose from 2 different mixed colours and designs of M&Ms with the Vintage Candy Machine. I chose the Yoshitomo Nara prints one as I've been dropping by MAD for the Edison Chen ones whenever I'm in town.

I can;t wait for Laline to come to our shores! Great shopping time all thanks to Mandarin Gallery. Please have more of this?


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