Eye Candy Bie (บี้) KPN from Thailand

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Hi Huneybees,

Caught Bie KPN on the 3rd day at the Fashion Metropolis.
Bie (บี้) Thassapak Hsu's first claim to fame was being the winner of the prestigious KPN Award Vocal competition in 2011. Bie outshone close to 3,000 other hopefuls in one of Thailand's longest running and most famous vocal talent shows where his singing and dancing skills earned him the impressive winning title.

On the next day, Bie was sick and Frank Cintamani asked if he was alright to performed. Wow! Such hospitality!

Bie still agreed and went on to perform his Chinese song - 那些年

Since then, the moniker 'Bie KPN' has stuck but the musician has progressed much further from where he first started out. The release of his single 'First Impression' was met with much enthusiasm from his Thai fans. Dashing and charismatic, the singer has also graced various magazine covers and taken up modelling.

He's so professional! Sick and he still sang and danced. The audience applauded loudly to cheer him on...

Had a little chat with Bie. Did you know he speaks fluent Chinese?


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