Ron Ng, Shawn Yue, Timmy Hung, Janet Chow in Singapore

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Hi Huneybees,

Shawn Yue 余文乐
Ron Ng 吳卓羲
The Closing Party of Men's Fashion Week last weekend was a killer night. Celebrities "flowed" in non-stop and everyone was in for a treat! Amongst the few were the most anticipated Hong Kong celebs, Ron Ng 吳卓羲, Shawn Yue 余文乐, Timmy Hung 洪天明 and Timmy's wife, Miss Hong Kong 2006 winner, Janet Chow 周家蔚.

Timmy Hung 洪天明 and wife, Janet Chow 周家蔚.
We caught pictures of them walking the red carpet as well as sitting on the VIP rows during the MCM Fashion Show. Major paparazzi moment!

Shawn Yue is such a discreet guy. He shunned from cameras, whilst Ron is no stranger to the camera and he even posed and show us he's outfit for the night. It's pretty weird to see Timmy Hung so serious, as he's always such a comedian on screen. Psst, he's the son of popular Sammo Hung and 1/2 a Korean!

Shawn Yue looking so cute in frames.

Ron is such a camera lover...


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