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Hi Huneybees,

UNIQLO has more upcoming promotions, let me list them for you....

1. UNIQLO and Orla Kiely Renews Collaboration For Another Season

London-based designer Orla Kiely and global apparel company UNIQLO are to renew their
collaboration for another season. Orla Kiely collaborated with UNIQLO for Spring/ Summer 2012 to
create a range of clothing that showcases her classic and colourful prints, which Uniqlo sold in their
international and Japan stores (over 1,000 stores globally).

Orla Kiely prints combined with the UNIQLO attention to quality materials and affordability has
received wide acceptance from customers everywhere and led to the great success for the collection.
The collaboration demonstrates the unique relationship between Japan and Britain, where British
design talent can work together with a world leader in retail and deliver cool and affordable products
to a global audience. The partnership also reinforces that the creative industry can contribute to
export earnings by finding innovative and popular cool brands to work with.

UNIQLO collaborates with a number of designers throughout the year, and the fact that we have
agreed to renew the collaborative partnership with Orla Kiely shows that the unique language of
pattern and colour for which Orla is famous for has garnered worldwide appeal.
“I love the Japanese aesthetic and it has been great collaborating with such a popular and cool brand,” --- Orla Kiely, OBE.
“We are pleased with the results of our first collection with Orla Kiely. Their bright colors and classic prints are a natural match for UNIQLO and our brand philosophy of ‘Made for All.’ We look forward to working with them again, to create our second collection,” --- Yuki Katsuta, Fast Retailing Group Officer and Head of R&D for UNIQLO.

2. Light and Luxury: UNIQLO Linen Items for Men and Women

Linen: Smooth, light, and has a gentle –to-the-skin- texture, and compared to cotton and silk, has superior moisture absorption and evaporation properties. Commonly associated with summer, the fabric is value as a luxurious material for all seasons because of its airy nature, adding warmth in winter and cooling in summer, just like a thermostat. Its ability to withstand washing and easy stain removal, are often associated with sophistications and elegance.

Premium Linen: Made up of 100% French linen (highest quality grown in France or Belgium ), the material offers exceptional summer comfort because of the material and absorbs and releases moisture. Wrinkles are one of the linen’s attributes and one of its appealing aspects. UNIQLO has ensured the fabric to consist of a special finish to minimize wrinkling, as well as making sure it has a sophisticated appearance while retaining its softness and texture.   

Women Outer Wear
Premium linen long tailored jacket - $129.90
Colors available: white / black / natural / navy (while stocks last)

Premium linen stole cardigan - $ 49.90
Colors available: dark grey / orange / beige / blue (while stock last)

Premium linen V neck half sleeve cropped sweater - $34.90
Colors available: orange / beige / yellow / olive / blue (while stock last)

Women Top
Premium line long sleeve shirt - $ 49.90
Colors available: white / dark grey / black / pink / orange / khaki / olive / navy (while stocks last)

Cotton linen madras check short sleeve shirt - $ 34.90
Colors available: blue / yellow / orange/ red / green / blue / navy (while stocks last)

Women Bottom
Linen cotton relaxed pants - $ 49.90
Colors available: off white / natural / brown / olive / blue / navy (while stocks last)
Men Outer
Premium linen slim fit jacket - $149.90
Colors available: gray / beige / blue / black / navy (while stocks last)

Men Top
Premium line long sleeve shirt - $ 49.90
Colors available: white / dark grey / black / pink / orange / khaki / olive / navy (while stocks last)

Cotton linen madras check short sleeve shirt - $ 34.90
Colors available: blue / yellow / orange/ red / green / blue / navy (while stocks last)

Men Bottom
Linen cotton relax fit pants - $49.90
Colors available: black / olive / blue / beige (while stocks last)

Men Cap
Premium linen army cap - $ 34.90
Colors available: black / brown (while stocks last)

3. UNIQLOOKS UT Style Contest Kicks Off 
UNIQLO has launched its UT Style Contest on UNIQLOOKS, the brand’s Facebook-integrated and international fashion community portal. The contest marks the 10th anniversary of UNIQLO’s UT line of products and is open to people of any age, gender or nationality. Post photos of your favorite UT style combinations to compete for the $10,000 (USD) grand prize. So slip into your favorite UT T-shirt and step out onto the world stage to win through UNIQLOOKS at 

Date:  April 24 to June 9, 2012 (Japan time)
Entry Details: Simply upload a photo of yourself sporting a UT T-shirt on UNIQLOOKS at

Contest Requirements:  Open to everyone, regardless of age, nationality or gender. UT T-shirts must be clearly visible in photo submissions, but participants do not necessarily need to purchase one of the latest UT designs to be eligible to win. Multiple entries permitted.
Cash Prizes: $10,000 USD (grand prize), $5,000 USD (first runner-up), $3,000 USD (second runner-up)
Grand Prize Announcement: The winning looks will be announced on the UNIQLOOKS contest page on June 25, 2012 (Japan time).


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