New Crocs, New You - Hello Kitty Collaborates with Crocs again

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Hi Huneybees,

Last weekend, Vivocity held a fashion event and it's gona be spilling over to this week too! The first one I caught was Esprit's and the second one is from Crocs. Their slogan for this collection is New Crocs, New You.

Hmmm, shoes were all laid out... For?

There was a showcase of not only the shoes, but also how to match them in your everyday outfits. But first, introducing a fellow blogger and an excellent singer, Mint Leong to host the show as well as Fashion Stylist/Designer, Kovit Ang to talk about his favourite pair of Crocs and what he thinks about the latest release of the collection.

 Each of them were wearing a pair of Crocs each.


Let the show begin!

Other than pink, the wedges come in pink too!


This is my fav pair.

And that's a wrap! Crocs shoes are so versatile as you can see from the fashion show.

Grabbed a pic with the models.

After the show, I headed down to the store to take a closer look at the shoes as well as to grab a pair for myself...

I must say the Hellp Kitty ones are top favourites...

Took a pic with Kovit and that's the end of the fashion show for me...
 For more photos.... see here.
And yes, do visit Crocs Singapore's Facebook Page for more info.


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