Men's Fashion Week 2012 - Spencer Hart

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Hi Huneybees,

Men's Fashion Week 2012 kickstarted last night with Spencer Hart's Collection on the runway. Spencer Hart's from UK and has been launched since 2002.

Nick Hart of Spencer Hart is a true blue David Bowie fan and attributes much of his inspiration and success to the English musician. With a label which evolved completely out of music, Nick channels certain iconic individuals and seminal cultural periods into savvy menswear.

His ideas were shaped early on by watching Sinatra play at age nine before seeing Bowie perform as The Thin White Duke. Spencer Hart's popularity speaks for itself - housed on the prestigious Savile Row and seen on the likes of Robbie Williams, P.Diddy, Orlando Bloom, Alex Turner and Dominic West - there's a certain dapper aura surrounding any male in one of his suits.

Perhaps we can learn from the style mantra of the designer himself as Nick believes 'less is more''; find a style that suits you and just stick to it.



 And that's a wrap. Thank you to Spencer Hart for such fine suits. I always love a man in suit...


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