Fashion Shows on Day 2 of Men's Fashion Week 2012

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Hi Huneybees,

Day 2 of Men's Fashion Week was Korean Night and not only were there plentify Korean performances by Korean artistes like Se7en, there was also showcases of Korean designers - Beyond Closet, Vandalist, Resurrection, D. Gnak and General Idea. Each designer has their own unique style to interpret a different collection and what inspires them .

Most of the collection are for Autumn/Winter, but as the fashion scene is growing in Singapore, I bet the fashionistas will know when and how to wear them best...

Branding its aesthetic as a 'Reconstruction of Classic with with and unique individuality', Beyond Closet represents reinterpreted classical items for guys in their 20s and 30s. The clothes from Beyond Closet are practical, but then sophisticated and distinguished, and are distinct with structured and eloquent fabrics choices, representing the Korean love affair with dandyism. 

Designer Tae Yong studied uniform design at the Catholic University in Korea and currently still lectures as Sasada Fashion School. Awarded the 'The New Designer' by Korea Fashion Brand Awards in 2010, the designs are stocked at select stores around the world, such as Urban Outfitters and Inventory (New York).

The collection brings sporty-ness into the usual menswear and I love the university reference, making one look and feel younger whilst donned in Beyond Closet clothings...

More photos of the collection here.

A Yonsei University graduate, Vandal (Heemin Yang) started the Vandalist brand with a Fall/Winter Collection. Vandal takes on the identity of Vandalism, creative destruction, in his bramd. The first collection showcased menswear crossing over traditional boundaries. The Feather symbol of Vandalist stands for "IDEA" and "FREEDOM", and the Vandalist by Vandal brand represents affordable uniqueness, wit and chic, formality but vividness and retro-modernity. The multitalented Vandal also is a musician who creates the catwalk music for his ruway shows.

Vandalist collection is so amazing The top 2 pictures are my favourite pieces. What I like? The sturcture he has for his clothings. Whilst keeping warm, one can still standing out amongst the crowd and break away from the usual puffy down jackets!
"To me, fashion is a reflection of onself." --- Tae Yong, Designer of Beyond Closet
Designer Vandal (Heemin Yang).
 More photos here.

Juyoung Lee's the only female designer featured on Men's Fashion Week 2012. Woohoo! Go Girl Power!

The brainchild of Parsons School of Design graduate Juyoung Lee, Resurrection has flirted with the marriage of music and fashion since its conception in 2004. Dressing the world tour wardrobes of acts such as Marilyn Manson and The Black Eyed Peas, the same ornamental nature is evident in the collection's effervescent designs.

Insipred by the early Christian art from the third to seventh century, the designer also embraces Roman and Byzantine periods in her design aesthetics.

This is what I call a stylo-milo collection. Any piece from the collection is a statement piece and you will definitely turn heads when you strut down the streets. Psst, I love the studded headphones!

Designer Juyoung Lee.
More photos here.

You can say that Korean born designer, Dong Jun Kang specialises in tailored men's clothings with twisted details. Oversized shirt sleeves, wonky ties and mismatched lengths can sound a little disastrous, but the designer makes it work, Sharp, smart and sexy, these quirky creations give a refreshing perspective on the suit-and-tie combo. Key essentials are classic blazers, coats, shirts and pants - which are often uniquely interpreted. 

Shiny, incandescent trousers, flights jackets, v-neck jumpers with over-sized 'v's, military and safari styles pieces and tight-fit suits ensure that the fashion forward pack will never be bored.

D.Gnak is in fact spelt backwards of the designer's name, D. Kang and from this playful twist of words, one can only expect quirkyness and playfulness in the collection as well as the runway! Inspired by Mr Charlie Chaplin, the models strut their stuff with the signature cane and moustache, leaving everyone with a deep impression and still talking about it the next few days...

"I don't have a style icon, however I try to get inspiration from other industries apart from fashion." --- Dong Jun Kang, Designer of D. Gnak
Designer Dong Jun Kang.
More photos here.

The last show for the day was by General Idea.

General Idea has been a fixture in Seoul's street fashion since 2004, with their fresh cool designes that can go straight from catwalk to the sidewalk. The man behind the Jorean fashion label is Bumsuk Choi who, after 10 seasons in the market, became the first menswear designer to present a runway collection during the New York Fashion Week.

Choi views his design process very instinctually and finds inspiration from his international discoveries and sudden urges to innovate trend.  Still considered as a newcomer in the New York menswear scene, General Idea is an up-coming Korean label that is set to take the American menswear market by storm.

The collection is very vibrant and like mentioned above, ready to wear. Men of all ages would be able to find something thy can wear and I love the little details and signature traingular symbol on the back of the coats.

One thing I took speical notice of are the bags, they can be slung across the body or be carried as a backpack, very versatile and very useful for the busy Singaporeans....

"As men get more interested in fashion, menswear has grown up alot, and reinterpreted in different forms from Avant-Garde to Classic." --- Bumsuk Choi, Designerof General Idea
Designer Bumsuk Choi.
More photos here.


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