Fashion Shows on Day 3 of Men's Fashion Week 2012

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Hi Huneybees,

Here's Day 3 of the Men's Fashion Week 2012. It was Japan Night and yes, designers and performers from Japan. I was super hype that day because anything Japan, Jpop is my life! I practically grew up listening to SMAP and watching Takeshi Sorimachi 反町 隆史 & Takenouchi Yutaka 竹野内豊, on Beach Boys. (Oops, did I reveal my age? LOL!) 

Hehehehe, none of them were here in Singapore, but performers like H Zett M, Yusuke Kamiji and Yuna Ito, blew our minds....

Okok, so here's the designers that had their collections on the runway - Diet Butcher Slim Skin, Jun Hashimoto ジュンハシモト, Pascal Donquino and FACTOTUM.

The models were accompanied by the beautiful tunes of H Zett M.

Designer Hisashi Fukatami started wanting to integrate his ideas for a sleek version of modern street fashion, without conforming to the normal ideals of what street fashion was at the time. Diet Butcher Slim Skin consists of jeans, slim pants, footwear and T-shirts, with a decent variety of options for men.

Fukatami claims that much of his inspiration comes from his experience with punk music, including bands such as That Jam, The Clash and Sex Pistols. Through his working experience with a fashion house after graduating from university, he has cultivated passion and drive for fashion and desire to link it with music.

With this stong influence at the time, he opened his flagship shop "Venom" in Nakameguro, the centre of the designer's district, at the heart of Tokyo. He has presented his collection in various ways that does not adhere to form, such as the catwalk show, installation and audio-visual.

I'm infatuated with the prints on the clothings. The gradient blue and red suits made a very deep impression on me. They are definitely something not seen before, and when you wear it to events, it will definitely be the subject of the night.

Super shy Designer Hisashi Fukatami.
More photos here.

With a background of working and being inspired by Maurizio Altieri, designer of CDIEM in Italy for 3 years shows that designer Jun Hashimoto has been living and breathing fashion. Upon returning home in 2004, Hashimoto set up his first fashion house "wjk" at Shibuya, Tokyo in 2004, which was then distributed all over Japan.

2008 was a turning point for the Japanese fashion designer as he had the desire to build up an original brand with his own name "junhashimoto" making him stray away from "wjk". Its flagship store is located in Japan's fashion sanctuary, Omotesando Hills.

Long scarfs were the statement piece of this collection and the bright orange is nothing you can run from. I love bright colours and if they had these in ladies cut, I would surely fly to Japan when it's snowing wearing them...

Designer Jun Hashimoto.
More photos here.

After a stint as a pattern maker for Comme des Garcons, designer Akira Takeuchi dirst started out with the ladies in his line Theatre Products, a common face at the Tokyo Collection. His long awaited men's line Pascal Donquino debuted in 2009, exhibiting casual elegance with a hint of the British Dandy.

 Making no compromise to the standard of material used, sourcing takes the designer from rural Japan to some of Milan's best manufacturers. Though his forms take on relaxed styles, they are collectively well put together and executed alongside a bright colour palette.

I can totally see Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl character) in this collection. There's clothings for work, for play and even weekends on  a yacht! It's definitely for the sophisticated men who don't want too much fuss and still look sharp and smart where ever you go...

"Fashion to me is anincredible and miraculous way to express oneself." --- Akira Takeuchi, Designer of Pascal Donquino
Designer Akira Takeuchi with his models.
More photos here.

Japanese fashion designer, Koji Udo is the designer for the Japanese fashion label FACTOTUM. Esthablished in 2004, FACTOTUM made its international debut at Tokyo Collection in 2006 when the first flagship store opened at Shibuya, Tokyo.

The name FACTOTUM was derived from the Charles Bukowski novel. Koji is inspired by his travels around the world and has been inspired by countries like Ireland, Berlin and India. Each season, he is inspired by a new place that he visits. FACTOTUM is sold in Isetan Japan, Beams Japan, United Arrows Japan and around 40 dealers.

Not sure why, but when I look at FACTOTUM's collection on the runway, I only thought or reindeers...

"Travel is my muse. Every fashion season, I go to destinations that correlate with my theme to get inspired." --- Koji Udo, Designer of FACTOTUM
Designer Koji Udo
More photos here.


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