Y-3 Menswear Spring/Summer 2012 (*Woohoo! Hunks!)

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Hi Huneybees,

Woohoo! Y-3 launched their Menswear Spring/Summer 2012 collection yesterday. Not only was I impressed by the clothes, the male models were definitely eye candies to the audience on the floor....

Alot of Y-3 fans and VIPs were around that night, all donned with Y-3 clothes, accessories and shoes.

Colourful creatives.

The show has started!

First model and already the strong Japanese influence is displayed.

Nice jacket & shoes right?

Is that Darth Vadar?

That's not all! Part two is what's everyone been waiting for! The swimwear collection!!

Enjoyed the show? Tempted to go down to Y-3 to get some stuffs yourself?
You can find Y-3 at Mandarin Gallery. Have fun!


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