[What's New] Cure Your World Cup Fatigue With BRAND'S

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Hi Huneybees,

Have caught on the World Cup Fever like me? I bet it must be tiring mid day at work and concentration is so far far away! My skin hasn't been on its best condition and something has to be done right for these late nights or rather super early mornings!

Though lots of water is important, this is also the time for some pampering from BRAND'S! They have a wide range of products to help you gain back that energy and protect your body and with this football season, BRAND'S has kicked off the BRAND’S® GAME ON campaign!

At the BRAND’S GAME ON Kick Off Party, we caught the exciting Spain VS. Holland match. It was a the first time I woke so early for an event and I must say the game was definitely worth it! Who would have thought the score would be 5-1 with Holland on the lead?!

The party was hosted by 987FM's The Muttons and before we all sat down to catch the game, there was a celebratory cheers with a bottle of BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken as well as some games...

With food and "drinks" equipped, we were all set for the game. We were all sitting on the edge as we cheered on for our teams, it was so much fun to be catching the World Cup with a bunch of like minded friends!

At the party,  there was even a specially created mocktails created with BRAND'S products. You can also try it at home whilst watching the World Cup or even at your parties. My favourite is the 'Fizziotherapy' that's made with my favourite dose of collagen - BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen!

The wide range of BRAND'S products are here to help you through the night as well as protect your body against the harmful toxins, preparing you for a great day ahead!

Equip yourself with BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken to help relieve fatigue and restore mental alertness as well as physical energy, whilst strengthening the immune system, allowing the body to function more efficiently. 

And don't forget to add on BRAND’S® InnerShine® RUBYCOLLAGEN Essence and BRAND’S® InnerShine® Marine Collagen Essence Strip will replenish your skin's collagen needs and BRAND’S® Sesamin with Schisandra Extract that will protect your liver with all those excessive drinking! 

BRAND’S® Game On (http://www.brandsgameon.com.sg) is calling out to both the likes of fans and non-fans for the most anticipated match of the season! Over the next 4 weeks, be a part of this football season regardless of your allegiance and join the 10 blogger partners as they bring you the freshest content, tips and more to survive the soccer fever. It will be a full month of social media contests, with attractive prizes to be won! Simply check out any of their blogs each week for more details on what to do and how to win! Follow this #BRANDSGameON for more updates too!

And of course! DON'T be involved in illegal betting for the World Cup season!


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