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"Bond, James Bond" is the iconic line, that everyone know who. I bet you must be familiar with the one who goes by 007, James Bond, but before his thrilling adventures hit page or screen, they were experienced first-hand by their author-to-be, Ian Fleming.

Starting from 5 June, Thursday, KIX and KIX HD will be airing Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond first and exclusively. In this exciting four-part drama, Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger) stars as the cunning creator of one of the most famous fictional heroes in history.

Untroubled by the spectre of impending war, roguish playboy Ian Fleming (CHARMING Dominic Cooper) chases women, collects rare books and lives off the family fortune. Forever in the shadow of his brother Peter (Rupert Evans) and an eternal disappointment to his formidable mother Eve (Lesley Manville), Ian is finally given some direction in his life when he’s recruited by Admiral John Godfrey (Samuel West) to help in the effort against the Nazis. With the somewhat skeptical support of tough-cookie Second Officer Monday (Anna Chancellor), Ian’s extraordinary imagination and ability to spin a yarn makes him a perfect fit for espionage. In tandem, the stakes increase as Ian’s chance encounter with the captivating Lady Ann O’Neill (Lara Pulver) becomes a passionate affair that shapes both their lives.

Directed by Mat Whitecross (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and the BAFTA®-nominated Road to Guantanamo) and written by John Brownlow and Don Macpherson, Fleming captures both the opulence of high society London and the suspense and intrigue behind enemy lines. While Bond fans will spot many a nod to the legendary agent, the series is ultimately a gripping account of a playboy spy and the woman who won his heart.

Character Biographies

IAN FLEMING – Dominic Cooper
The debonair, enigmatic creator of James Bond, whose real life is as exciting and sexually-charged as that of his famous creation. We meet Fleming as a lost young man with only one sure purpose in his life: the pursuit of pleasure. But the Second World War and a position in Naval Intelligence could be the making of him.

ANN O’NEILL – Lara Pulver
Elegant, independent and alluring, Ann is a leading figure among London’s social elite. She is married to Lord O’Neill, but while he serves in the military she is indulging in an affair with newspaper magnate Esmond Rothermere. When she meets Fleming, however, the pair are infatuated and become entangled in a twisted game of passions.

Monday is Admiral Godfrey’s secretary and Fleming’s liaison. She’s highly capable and is the first to spot the potential in Fleming, in spite of his self-destructive tendencies.

MURIEL – Annabelle Wallis
The very first incarnation of the Bond girl, Muriel is a beautiful dispatch courier who falls in love with Ian, and hopes, against the odds, that she can be the one to win his heart.

The inspiration for ‘M’. Godfrey hires Fleming for his position in the Navy and while initially sceptical and cantankerous, he grows to admire Ian’s ingenuity.

PETER FLEMING – Rupert Evans
Ian’s older brother, Peter tries to help keep his sibling on the straight and narrow and can be a little unintentionally patronizing at times. Already a successful author, he joins the army early in the war and sees the terrifying realities of battle first hand.

Ian’s mother is a known society beauty and a force of nature, exuding all the power a woman in her position at that time had. Always championing Peter at Ian’s expense, she has a very strained relationship with her son and intensely disapproves of his dalliance with Ann.

So, be sure to catch Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond on KIX (StarHub Cable TV Channel 518) and KIX HD (SingTel mioTV Channel 309) starting from Thursday, 5 June, at 10pm!


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