Audi Fashion Festival 2014 - Roberta Pieri Featuring Jonathan Liang

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Hi Huneybees,

Roberta Pieri was introduced on the runways of Audi Fashion Festival 2014. It is a young leather goods workshop from Tuscany (Italy) and their philosophy is elegance in simplicity. After working in some handbag companies which were customers of his father’s company textile sector, Maurizio Nottoli founded Roberta Pieri, which is named after his mother.

They presented their Robertina, Classic and Top Travel Collections featuring models wearing the creations of popular Malaysian designer - Jonathan Liang. He is based in Paris, France and graduated in 2011 from the Raffles College of Higher Education. His collections are produced in Italy and what we saw was his Spring/Summer 2014 collection - SpellSprite.

Jonathan Liang provides the modern woman with adaptable, provocative yet combatively feminine prêt-à-porter collections that are intimate, lustrous and effortless. Combined with the colourful repetitive geometrical (I particularly love their signature cube design) and floral designs of Roberta Pieri bags, every model shone.

The SpellSprite collection was inspired by Bertil Nilsson’s work on the human anatomy as well as the scenic views of vast seabeds and coral reefs. Jonathan Liang experimented with textures, layering embroidered fabrics with Ring-spun jerseys, silk organza, and lace, creating alluring effects, resembling the radiance of the ocean and some that mystify the physical form of a woman.

The silhouette can be altered to an individuals style - street, casual, versatile or just plain feminine, it’s all within reach in this collection pairing it with the Roberta Pieri bags.


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