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Hi Huneybees,

I am on the road most of the days, shuffling from events to events. I've taken rides in hubby's car, friend's cars and quite a bit of taxi rides. I may not be the driver, but riding as a passenger for so long, I have notice the increasing hazards on the road. There's more aggressive drivers, road bullies and you wouldn't believe the amount of traffic jams I see every day!

So, are you a good and safe driver? Why not pit your skills on the 'AXA Drive' App? This is not a competition to finish the lap first, but rather improve your skills, making the roads a safer place for everyone. With the app, you can monitor and improve your driving behaviours. Once you get into your car, you simply turn on the app in your mobile devices, leave it on the dashboard flat and let the accelerator sensor capture your driving behaviour.

A scored will be generate at the end of the journey, deriving from acceleration, braking and turning of the vehicle. Of course things like speeding, a sharp turn or a hard brake will give you a lower score, it's all about making the journey smoother and slower!

At the AXA Drive App launch, Mrs Doina Palici-Chehab (Chief Executive Officer of AXA Insurance Singapore) and Ms Kwek-Perroy Li Choo (Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer of AXA Singapore) shared more about the survey data collected from the over 450 road users on the AXA Road User Behaviour Survery 2014. It's amazing to know that alot of the drivers think that it is alright to drive through amber light!

Artistes and bloggers - Irene Ang, Hayley Woo, Xiaxue, Maimunah Bagharib, Chua Enlai, Allan Wu and Bobby Tonelli, pit their skills against each other, with the conventional boys vs girls team. 
Stephanie Carrington was the host for the event.
Who do you think will win? Will the girls beat the guys?

After some squabbling, it was time to get the app ready and set off on the "race track". I got to ride in Hayley's and Maimunah's car. The ride was so smooth and fun with Hayley filming her very own video in the car! 

After a round on the road, the winners were announced. OF COURSE the ladies won! Everyone were driving safely on the road and the big winner was Xiaxue with a perfect score, whilst, Enlai had the lowest score. Check out his expression!

So, be sure to have this app with you as you drive everyday! It made my hubby be more cautious on the road and I'm loving his new style! Drive safely and maybe you can even boast about your drive safe skills to your friends and have a little competition like what the artistes did!

The 'AXA Drive' App is available for free downloads in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store.
More information on the Road User Behaviour Survey 2014 and AXA's commitment to road safety, go to -


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