Swatch Megastore Is Now Opened In orchardgateway

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Hi Huneybees,

With orchardgateway's opening, more and more stores are piling in and the latest one is Swatch! Right at the main entrance, Swatch has launched its new Megastore right in the heart of Orchard Road.

Always known for its bright, vibrant and youthful spirit, Swatch lit up the walkway with its illuminated iconic logo. Like the world today, Swatch stores never stop changing. The new store concept is designed to take one on a multisensory journey through time & space. The walls as a giant billboard and with the launch of each new Swatch ad campaign, Swatch store becomes the ultimate “screen” surrounding the customer with colours, design appeal and surprising effects.

Wavy display tables invite customers to take their time and try on the watches they like in a relaxing, colourful Swatch environment. The tables have flowing, organic shapes to match the natural, sexy shape of all Swatch products. The massive LED widescreen HDTV, beckons customers to dive into the story behind our latest collection.

One of the main highlights of Swatch Megastore is the chandelier which is made up of more than 2,000 Swatch watches lighting up the Megastore. Flik Flak, the children Swiss-Made watch, is also integrated as part of the design layout. The designated Flik Flak corner comes with a set of tester panels that are specially installed at a height ideal for the children to experiment with the watches.

Defined by the pantone colors of Swatch, a mixture of white showcases with red sofas and carpets, brightens your vision. Notice the big red MAXI Swatch watch lodged in the walls (it is up for sale!)? It is imbued with essence of Switzerland the store serving as a reminder of Swatch origins (Swiss-Made watches).

Once you step into the store, it is as though you are brought into another dimension, you can find yourselves in the spotlight and feel for a playful moment like a superstar. It’s all about emotion and time spent with Swatch is a moment of pleasure, a time to experience the joy and creative spirit at the heart of the brand.


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