[Travelogue] Weekend Getaway To Kukup, Malaysia

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Hi Huneybees,

Weekend getaway! It's been awhile since I took a break with my buddies and we planned for a weekend at Kukup, Malaysia. It is about an hour's drive-in (including the jam at custom) to Kukup from Singapore.
Probably coz it's the school holidays, it was flooded with people at Kukup and according to my friend, normally, it is not so crowded, even on weekends!

So, our first destination was a visit to a friend's place. She had relatives living there and we visited them whilst checking out the big yard they have! They planted some fruits and it was time for harvesting of the mangoes. It's the first time I got down to Nature and plucking fruits was definitely a brand new experience.

Those are unripened mangosteen and they even had durian trees, but too bad, it was not time for them to drop yet. But! When we went into town, fragrant durians were seen everywhere!

So, next, we went right into Kukup and have our lunch. Everything was included in the package and we paid for RM110 each. This is not your 5 star travel but it was nice to strip down to basics once in awhile and experience how living in past Singapore, that used to be a fishing village.

There's alot of tropical fruits around.
I've been to Kukup once when I was 12 for a nature art excursion and it wasn't as developed as now. In fact, it made me wana pick up those paint brushes again and start painting as the sun sets along the horizon.

Back to the trip. Once we reach the town area, we headed for lunch at the restaurant. It was a 6 course meal with some of the local catch. It was all fine for me, until someone pointed out that "Hey! What you leave on the table is actually thrown back into the sea." >.<|||

After lunch, we popped by the back of the restaurant to wait for our ferry ride. Our chalet is actually within walking distance, but it was nice to take the ferry and get some pictures of the horizon, whilst checking out the kelongs (fishing farms).

And of course, not forgetting selfie shots! All thanks to the monopod from Elim Chew of 77th Street, and a fisheye add-on lens that I got previously, we managed to squeeze everyone into the #wefie shot!

Time for our ferry ride. Be warned that they will pack as many people as possible into the ride, it felt like sardines in a can! I strongly believe we were overloaded, but hey, we got to land safely! :)

I love capturing hubby's back when he is in his own photography land...

So well, the ferry drops us right in front of our chalet where we carefully tread across this wooden platform and safe to our rooms. It was scorching hot that day, so everyone took turns to shower before we head on to our journeys...

Our chalet is practically a house on stilts and when it is high tide, it's like we are floating in the sea!
Some left for the kelong tour and some stayed in to sing KTV, whilst hubby and I walked around the area and back into town for some more photo opportunities and well, perhaps to grab some tidbits and definitely drinks! 

The 'kelong' gang...

The sun was bright and sunny and it was a nice place to roam around, experience the old village life as we strolled and waited for the sun to set. It was a nice time for hubby and I to spend quality time together as we have always been busy with our work, this brought us back to the time when we dated...

The ice cream man came by and we were like the little kids, hogging around him, waiting for out turn to get our fill of nice chilled ice cream. Check out my rainbow 3 scoop cone!

As we headed back into the town area, we saw more sundried local catch on sale and a durian puff store that was newly opened! It was their second day of business and there we are enjoying them!!! DURIAN FRENZY!!!!

Be careful while you eat, as the durian goodness oozes right out and you wouldn't wana waste that.
(*I'm drooling again as I write... ;P)

When it is low tide, you will get to see a lot of mudskippers on the seabed coming out for food or to mate... :)

By the time we got back to our rooms, it was already sunset and it was super beautiful to see the sun hiding behind the horizon. We are always so busy with our lives that we tend to forget to enjoy the beautiful nature around us. It was nice to stop and sit there and relax. So peaceful....

Dinner was BBQ-ed seafood and we could ask for more. We didn't need to hands on at all. When the hosts have gotten the food ready, they will come knocking on our doors to get us to come out. Totally fuss free!

Dinner was done and it was time for some fun! Other than more KTV singing and mahjong session, we even got poppers and fireworks to play with. Well, we don't get to play that in Singapore and thus, the whole night, everyone around the area where buying and firing up the night sky, making all as though it was the National Day Parade already! (*I'll update with more photos)

The next day, we had a quick breakfast and headed out to town once more for I have tempted the rest about the durian puffs and well, we needed more drinks. Hehehehe... I even bought some popper toy guns for play... Too bad, I had to leave it there as it is definitely not allowed in Singapore! We lighted another string of fireworks before we headed back to Singapore.

It was nice to be spending 2 days with my hubby and friends in such a beautiful city. I'm looking forward to more trips and stay tuned to more updates on Huney'Z World!


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