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Hi Huneybees,

Beaches are the best place to find new romance, date some hotties and perhaps get off to a sizzling start, but what if I told you, that irritating ex might just appear unexpectedly, what would you do?

Well, watch these 8 single guys and girls in the sensational dating series Ex on the Beach on MTV channel, as things get ex-citing. Just when they thought they are finding new holiday romance, an ex gets washed ashore with unique intent, will they get back together or will there be revenge? You have to watch it to know it all! So, let's get to know the cast (singles) first, shall we?


(L-R) Chloe Goodman, Farah Sattaur, Vicky Pattison and Emily Gillard didn’t know their exes would be gate crashing their dream holiday 

Chloe’s packed in glamour modelling to be an underwear model and was the first of the eight to be reunited with her ex, Rossy. She’s already coming across as a bit stroppy so we can’t wait to see what else happens.
Farah’s a Playboy bunny, model and dancer who only dates older guys. Unfortunately for her, she’s the oldest on the beach. Everyone thought she was a bit boring to begin with but it looks as though the rest of cast are beginning to change their minds…
Without doubt Vicky is the star of the show so far. If you have been a fan of Geordie Shore, Vicky Pattison would not be a stranger to you. The boys fancy her, the girls fancy her and even Chloe’s ex fancies her. 
Emily has openly admitted that she ‘fancied Vicky the most out of all the characters’ on the show although we’re not sure the feeling is mutual. She was sick on her first date with Liam and hopes to be a superstar DJ someday. 
Marco Alexandre, Ashley Cain, Jack Lomax and Liam Lewis in all their permatanned glory

Marco describes himself as a ‘Greek god’ and he can’t wait to get papped when the show’s over. He was hoping for the programme would be ‘full of single girls that I can bang’. Z.Z|||
It would appear Ashley is actually pretty smart.  A young professional footballer turned entrepreneur, Ashley lives a luxury lifestyle. He is the MD and founder of iCandy Parties, a popular under 18’s nightlife brand in the UK. So far he seems pretty inoffensive.
Jack is a black belt in karate and now plays semi-professional football. Jack has never had a long-term girlfriend.
Liam is a full-time firefighter although you may recognise him from Take Me Out. He’s obviously pretty fame-hungry.

Thank you MTV and Pizza Hut for the treat!

Be warned that this programme contains strong language and sexual references. Other than that, you might wana sit back and chill out with your friends and grab some pizzas!
I did have a little difficulty getting to understand that thick British accent, sometimes I don't know what the cast was talking about (Don't worry, there's subtitles!), but I must say the fighting and bantering parts were so juicy, I stay peeled to the screen. It's so scandalous and once you hear about the synopsis for episode 7, you will know how dramatic it is!
In the saucy 7th episode of Ex on the Beach, a dark cloud looms over the  Mediterranean paradise as another ex arrives to wreak havoc amongst the singles. Will the group be able to handle another shock addition?  
Ash and Tabitha split up and he wastes no time hooking up with Chloe, Lovebirds Shelby and Ross get even closer as they spend a night together in the cemetery. Liam's stirring hits the big time, but it's all about to kick off with the arrival of the alphamale of all exes...
Exciting right?! I'm so glad my exes don't act this way. Hehehehe... While with hot bods to ogle at, the dramatic twist in each episode and those hot, sizzling making out moments, you would want to find out who the next ex is. Every week, you just anticipate how the story would unfold...

Ex on the Beach airs on MTV every Wednesday at 10pm (WIB), 11pm (SIN/HK) and Sunday at 10pm (MAL).


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