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Hi Huneybees,

It's mid week and it's time for party! Ask your friends out, let your hair down and enjoy a bottle or two Desperados Tequila Flavored Beer

Desperados is a Golden Pale Lager from France with Alcohol Content of 5.9%. Being the very first tequila flavored beer, this refreshing and full bodied lager beer gives the usual beer a twist, playing fiddle on your tongue. It is a unique combination of gold-coloured, full-bodied lager beer with a kick of tequila flavour to achieve a fine, balanced premium brew that offers a distinct taste, light bitterness and refreshing citric notes. It is intense but easy to drink. 

The beer elevates the experience of young adults who are looking to enjoy a high-energy, fun and unforgettable night out. It is for the spontaneous, adventurous and vibrant trend-setting young adults who are always up for new discoveries and living out unforgettable moments. 

I've tried the Desperados Tequila Flavored Beer before and I can't never forget its taste. At the launch party, I finally got to have it again! 

I'm usually not a big fan of beers as they have a bitter taste, but with the addition of tequila flavor, the beer seemed sweeter, blending out the bitter taste more. I even had 2 bottles more than usual and my friends were all full of praises for it.

Desperados promotes the licence to party responsibly, so one enjoys and more importantly remembers the ultimate night out. With the U-Dside campaign running in conjunction with the  brand, Desperados encourages young, fun-loving adults to make a decision to enjoy alcohol  responsibly and make the most of their night. 

As the campaign tagline states, “while you  can’t control everything in life, you can control how much you drink.” Visit to learn more. 

At the party, I also met pretty babes, local artiste - Silver Ang and MTV VJ - Hanli Hoefer. We shared a couple of drinks and at the party, I got neon painted (spotted another lady who neon painted her face) and there was even pyro stunt performances at the backyard...

The Band of Doodlers were at it again too! They neon painted the whole wall for Desperados! Don't you think it looks amazing?! It gives me an idea for my new home!

So, if you want to know more about Desperados Tequila Flavored Beers, you can visit their website - and

Desperados is available in its signature 33cl long neck, thick glass, embossed transparent bottle at leading party bars, pubs and nightclubs like Zouk, Attica and Pump Room; and convenience stores and supermarkets like FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage. Have a great time partying!


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