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Hi Huneybees,

Replenish and Rejuvenate are 2 of my favourite words when it comes to skincare. With my late hours and lack of sleep, I need to always look fresh and fully charged. Being able to replenish the moisture loss in my skin will help me to achieve that.

Herbalife has just the right products for that. Herbalife SKIN is their newest skin care line and they have been formulated with an optimum blend of Vitamin B3 and antioxidant Vitamins C and E together with Aloe Vera, to give you smoother, more radiant and lines-free as well as wrinkle-free skin with visible results in just 7 days! It is suitable even for the sensitive skin and even the guys can use it too!

I was given the range of products to try out and you can actually work around them according to the 3 different skin care programs that help cater and address to your specific skin care concerns.
  1. Basic Program includes Soothing Aloe Cleanser or Polishing Citrus Cleanser, Energizing Herbal Toner, Daily Glow Moisturizer and Replenishing Night Cream
  2. Advanced Program includes Basic Program products with an additional of Line Minimizing Serum, Firming Eye Gel and Hydrating Eye Cream
  3. Ultimate Program includes Advanced Program products with Purifying Mint Clay Mask and Instant Reveal Berry Scrub 
It's really an easy ABC when it comes to using the products as they have all been numbered, you simply follow the steps into it. I have been doing my mix of trying out the products and I'm really looking the results, as my hubby has been saying I look fresher these days... =)

For myself, I prefer using the Polishing Citrus Cleanser compared to the Soothing Aloe Cleanser. The orange citrus fragrance is super awakening especially in the mornings and I love how my skin feels squeaky clean after using it. It is more recommended for the Normal to Oily Skin, but it still works fine on my Sensitive Skin.

The Polishing Citrus Cleanser has microbeads in it whilst the Soothing Aloe Cleanser is just a translucent gel.

After which I would spray on the Energizing Herbal Toner. Yes, I said spray. This works like those facial mist that you use and all you have to do is just pat it into skin for absorption. There is no sticky feeling after that and the skin absorbs it fast. It is infused with Aloe Vera, Vitamin B, Vitamins C and E, which helps prep my skin for the rest of my skincare.

Then comes a favourite of mine - Line Minimizing Serum. You can have it all over the face, or simply concentrate on the areas that you want to target. I always use it on my laugh lines and I can see my skin getting more plumped up around that area.

For eye cream, I chose to use the Hydrating Eye Cream, which I was told that my eye area is pretty dry. It does help in lessening those fine lines. It is said to lower the amount of sweat and oil glands, I guess that would require a few more times of usage...

Last step is to moisturize. In the range, there are 2 types, one for day and one for night - Daily Glow Moisturizer and Replenishing Night Cream.  The day moisturizer is light and makes my skin look glowy, but the downside is that you still need to put sunscreen as it is not included in it.

As for the night moisturizer, it is slightly thicker, richer in texture, and it does take a while for the product to be absorbed. It feels a little sticky, but well, when I wake up with skin feeling smooth and hydrated, it's all ok for me!

Last but not least, if you want, you can have the Instant Reveal Berry Scrub and Purifying Mint Clay Mask 2 times a week. The fragrant scrub has berry seeds in it that kinda reminds me of the Jasmine Cake sold in Tim Ho Wan. They help remove the dead skin and for a refresher, the mint clay mask is definitely my must-have. My skin feels so fresh and recharged with the spearmint and rosemary in it. I love it!

Check out the berry seeds in the scrub! 
The clay mask is green and it's minty!

The Herbalife SKIN range is available across Asia Pacific markets from min-June 2014 and will be rolled out progressively in the additional Asia Pacific markets by 2015. For more information, go to www.herbalife.com.


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