May The 4th Be With You Always!

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Hi Huneybees,

May The 4th Be With You! 

Last Sunday, hubby and I spent the afternoon at the Jurong National Library with a ton of Star Wars fans. It was 4th of May and playing on the pun of "May The 4th", in line with the Star Wars trilogy's signature line - "May The Force Be With You", tons of fans gathered as we celebrated Star Wars Day here in Singapore!

Star Wars holds a very interesting connection for both hubby and I. He being an avid Star Wars fan, he collected tons of Star Wars toys and it was also something we have in common. I was a huge fan of George Lucas and (well, I'm pretty much the geek ~) naturally, not only did I idolize him, I was drowned in all his movies and books!

We were grabbing every chance to get a photo with the cosplayers dressed as Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, etc, naming every vehicle and character toy in the exhibition, reliving the days we caught the Star Wars movies when were kids, re-enacting our favourite scenes. Everyone were little kids that day...

It was very interesting to see fathers showing their kids what Star Wars was all about and the fact that it was held in the library, they can easily find the reference and information needed right at hand. The volunteers also "showed-off" their collection and hubby was going round chatting with his fellow toy collectors...

Caricature time!


There were also a special feature where illustrators from the Band of Doodlers came together to complete drawings with Star Wars theme. They were all so talented and seriously, maybe I should get my room wall done up as well!

Flab Slab also featured a collection of designer custom made Storm Trooper bust and we spotted Sheena Aw of Caramelaw amongst the crowd. Her creation was also on display and with her signature cute style, I must say it stood out alot and was a top favorite amongst the girls, including myself...

It was a great way to spend an afternoon and super cool to hang out with the Star Wars fans. If you have Disney Channel at home, be sure to catch the Star Wars Rebels. I've not watched it yet, but I bet it will be something to quench our thirst as we await for Episode VII movie...

So, how did you celebrate Star Wars Day?


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