Audi Fashion Festival 2014 - Audi Star Creation 2013 Winners Showcase

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Hi Huneybees,

Continuing from my Audi Star Creation lowdown, here's last year's winners - Vu Ta Linh (Vietnam, aged 27) and Sun Yi Jin (China, aged 25), presented their capsule collections on the runway at this year's Audi Fashion Festival. Wana see what designs they sent down the runway last year? Here it is ---

After a year-long internship with leading fashion retailer F J Benjamin, they have introduced elements of their native traditional costumes and crafting techniques into their collection. Drawing inspirations from the things that they know best and giving it new life.

Vietnamese designer - Vu Ta Linh attended the Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema back in 2005 and he fell in love with the traditional costumes that her learnt to make and its colourful history. Before participating in Audi Star Creation 2013, Linh's pieces have already garnered industry recognition.

In 2009, he was placed second in Hanoi's Aquafine Pure Fashion competition and went on to compete in the same competition in Ho Chi Minh later that year.In July 2012, Linh graduated from the Hanoi London College of Fashion Studies

Vu Ta Linh presented his collection - Indigo, inspired by the lyrics a song of the same title performed by Hà Trần, a popular Vietnamese singer. "Say what you want to say, do what you want to do" were the words that lead designer Vu Tan Linh to have the freedom to be original, spurring him to develop and create a colour palette that's befitting of his design philosophy.

The outfits were tastefully draped and though they are more prêt-à-porter, I thought it was a little too plain comparing to last year's collection he presented. The strong mustard fabric against grey, depicting the rice terraces and contours were what captured me and I thought I would see more of that in his capsule collection this year...

This last look from Linh's collection is really stunning. I loved how the model stood out amongst the rest of the models, and she looked so statuesque.

Sun Yi Jin, a chinese native that uses her works to bring back to life some of the lost art of Chinese traditional costumes and handcrafting techniques belonging to its 56 ethnic groups. With a passion for painting, she created her own fabric using both traditional crafting skills and modern technology.

She completed a major in fashion design at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and went on pursuing a Masters with the University of the Arts London (UK). She received a Bronze award in the China International Women's Fashion Designers Contest in 2011 and a Recognition award in the Triumph Inspiration Award 2011 (China) as well as a 3rd prize in the T.B2 Innovation Scholarship Fashion Design Competition.

Sun Yi Jin has since recorded her thoughts and fashion encounters on her travels through her brand - KSANYUSUN. The brand aims to be a protector of traditional handcrafting techniques and a champion of contemporary art movements and with her ASC 2013 capsule collection, titled 'Winter", she was inspired by the 4 seasons.

Being in Singapore, with tropical climate, Yi Jin imagines how it will be like if it snows here. The soft clean snow, cold winds and winter flora and fauna, combining these 2 clashing characteristics, she presented strone monochrome pieces with her self designed fabric, whilst introducing orange and green, as though the tropical plants were peeking out of the winter snow, giving her womenswear collection a playful twist.

So, what you think of the collections? Are you an aspiring designer and looking for a platform to showcase your works? To find out more, please visit Audi Star Creation Facebook page at and follow them on Twitter +StarCreationSg 


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