Answer The Call To Fly With The Super Heroes - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman & Green Lantern This Saturday!

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Hi Huneybees,


The Joker has been wrecking havoc in Singapore and your help is needed! The call for help is now!
Come report at Faber Peak Singapore, the mission-base for renowned Super Heroes to help save the day!

The Bat Signal has been up, Super Heroes have been fighting off the bad guys, but there's more and your help is needed!

For the next 10 months, come take to the skies with Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and the Green Lantern in the Singapore Cable Car, which has been identified as the perfect vehicle to combat evil.

Launching on 31 May 2014, 45 cable car cabins will be decked out in ' DC Comics Super Hero' graphic wraps on both the cabins' exterior and interior for a one-of-a-kind experience as you fly with the Super Heroes. The Singapore Cable Car will be the first to use in-cabin Augmented Reality (AR) technology to bring the characters and the mission to life.

At the media preview, I got to fly with my favourite hero or rather heroine - Wonder Woman! She's always been the one to stand for Girl Power with her strength and she is definitely not losing out to the boys.

 But, but, but before you start, don't forget to download the crime-fighting app in your phone - 'Fly With Super Heroes' that is available for both Google Play and AppStore. Don't worry about connection, as you will be able to get FREE Wi-Fi here at the base.


Once you have it loaded, simply hop onto your ride and turn on the app. Point your phone towards the AR marker in the cabin (Psst, there are 3 in a cabin) and prepare to fly and fight with your DC Super Heroes by tapping on the screen!

And once you are done fighting, why not come sit with your Super Hero for a victorious shot? Be sure to share it on your social media, tell your friends to join us on the crime fighting adventure!

You can even add 'stamps' to beautify the shots.
Also, don't forget to enjoy the view and come stop by the Cable Car Gift Shops to bring home exclusive DC Super Heroes memorabilia!

So, come over over, starting this Saturday, 31 May 2014, to come meet-and-greet the Super Heroes for some photo opportunities and join forces in fighting off The Joker! 


 See you there!


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